Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actors

Top 10 richest Bollywood actors in 2017, highest paid most popular Bollywood actors list.

Indian film industry is among the most attractive, glamorous and wealthiest industry in this country. The actors and models in this industry are able to earn huge income in the form of salary for their acting and heavy income from endorsement. Thus, all these sources of income and opportunity to earn heavy income even for new actors motivated them to enter into this glamorous profession. This is the best Place to start carrier and earn heavy income. These actors are able to gain love, name and fame from their fans and are highly admired by everyone. They are the heartbeats of young hearts and are admired in terms of lifestyle, fashion and modeling.

List of top 10 richest Bollywood actors 2017:

Although there are several actors in Bollywood who are popular and have earned huge income from their acting, still some of the legends are the every time richest actor in this industry. Below is the list of all the top 10 richest actor of Bollywood and various sources of income.

10. John Abraham: –

John Abraham is able to maintain himself in the list of richest Bollywood actors with a net worth of $55 million. Some of his successful movies are “Desi Boyz”, “Jism”, “Race 2” and “Dostana”.

John Abraham Richest Bollywood Actors 2016

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  1. Salman khan is a good social worker and he is the best actor of Bollywood ……. Robin wood pandey uff chulbool pandey …… dabbang parsnality

  2. Srk. God!! One of the evergreen actor of indian film industry!!! It is wort to pay him as his film will definitely a box offuce hit.

  3. Comment*yap am a ugandan and well i think sharukh has made himself a name here,well its no surprise that he is the richest guy

  4. Shahrukh is the richest! Boom!
    He has that charm and ability to be the badshah. No one else can beat him. He is the king and he will be the kind forever.

  5. Hrithik is the best actor in bollywood. He is teh out good looking, most popular actor in bollywood. His films all are so good. He dances extremely well.

  6. Salman was awesome in Sulthan. He proved again why he is the best. He has been one icon of Bollywood and is doing awesome movies. He is bhaijan for sure.

  7. Akshay is doing some unbelievable movies in recent times. I definitely want to watch Rustom not mohenjodaro on first day. I guess Rustom will be the best. The plot and screenplay seem interesting in the trailer.

  8. Shahrukh is the badshah for true. He is successful in whatever he does. He is sportive, he is unique king in bollywood. He is a very successful business man too. I love him

  9. Salman earns too but his being human foundation is doing a great social work. He is an idol. He is a gentle man and he stands as an example. He is very kind hearted and spends a lot on charity.

    1. he is just fake, being human stated to make salman looks good for his sins he has done. you dont need to wear a t shirt to be a human. he always marketize his charity work.

  10. Hrithik is the best actor. His body and physique is so attractive. He has a sexy look and impresses with his mannerism. He is tall and all girls love him. He is a greek God for true.

  11. Shahrukh Khan is the best ever in bollywood. His voice, his romance, his acting is unmatchable. He is the greatest entertainer in the industry. He is an awesome person too.

    1. Shah rukh khan is the best and the richest. He has been the badshah in the industry since very long. His capability at the box office to get blockbusters under his name itself says it all. He is a success philanthropist, business man.

  12. One and only badshah. He rules here too. It’s not only his films, but his business, franchises all make him earn lot of wealth. His production house brings blockbusters every now and then. He is king khan for a reason.

    1. He is king Khan. He is just awesome in everything he does. He does business, he owns franchises, he does production and gets all success. He pays the highest tax amount than any richest person in the country.

  13. The shehenshah, Amitabh had ruled the bollywood for decades. Even now he acts and brings blockbusters. His achievement in the industry is great. He hosted KBC, endorses brands. Still then he is an icon of generosity.

  14. I love you Hrithik Haha he is just so good although he is not on top in this list but he is on top of my heart list mwwahh

  15. Really I thought so it will be Shahrukh on top he is a very good businessman along with the talent for acting and that’s y he earn so much

    1. Yes he gets from his IPL franchise, football franchise and his production house. He pays highest tax for the country than any businessman.

  16. Wow Shahrukh Khan is even got bigger than Amitabh Bachchan quite amazing but I think most of the people think Mr. Bachchan is the richest but Mr. King Khan is the real king now ?

  17. What I thought Saif Ali Khan would be the richest coz he is a nawab and he inherited real lots of money from his Royal background but I think these guys are just considering money made from movies only

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