Top 10 Highest Paid Offensive Linemen

Top 10 Highest-Paid NFL Offensive Linemen of 2017, Salaries for Offensive Linemen. The Key factors about the offensive lineman.

In American Football, the existence of offensive line is one of the most significant parts. All NFL teams must have this offensive line and offensive lineman. Offensive line is such a line that defends the quarterbacks. This line also generates spaces for running backs so that players can squeeze through. In every NFL team, we can observe existence of offensive lineman and each such player is the largest player of the team.

List of top 10 highest paid successful offensive lineman 2017

Offensive lineman in a team can earn huge money. They can earn minimum $10 million a year. Here we can take a look at the most talented and highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL .

10. Jordan Gross: This famous offensive lineman played for Carolina Panthers since the year 2003. At present he is a sideline reporter. During his career as offensive lineman he earned almost $9.5 per year. He is of 300 lbs and earned $31666 per pound. He reached to pro bowls twice and super bowls once.

Jordan Gross, Highest Paid Offensive Linemen

9. Joe Thomas: Joe Thomas is one of the most top rated offensive linemen who has been contracted by Cleveland Browns for next eight years since 2011. The deal amount is $ 92 million. He is of 311 lbs and earns $32737 per pound. His consistency in games has made this possible for him to earn such a huge amount.

8. Trent Williams: He is famous for his left tackle position and in the NFL 2012 he was critical for his opponent Quarterback Robert Griffin III. His present annual salary is $ 11 million which is really huge for an offensive lineman. Presently he is in the team Washington Redskins. He is of 315 lbs and earning $34920 per pound.

7. Jake Long: St Louis Rams has appointed this offensive lineman at a price of $11.2 million. He has immense experience in playing NFL as he was in Miami Dolphins for five years. He has signed contract with St Louis Rams a four year contract since 2013. He is earning $35555 per pound.

6. Carl Nicks: He won the super bowl in the year 2012 with the team New Orleans. Then, he has joined the team Tampa Bay at a price of $12.5 million per year. He is of 343 lbs and presently earning $36443 per pound. He will be here in the team Tampa Bay for next five years.

5. Andy Levitre: He is extremely famous for the position left guard and after leaving Buffalo Bills he has joined Tennessee Titans for the same position. He has signed a six year contract with this team at $46.8 million. This contract will help him to earn revenue of $13 million per year.

4. Lane Johnson: Just at the age of 25 he has become one of the most talented offensive linemen. Lane Johnson has joined Philadelphia Eagles in the year 2013 and will earn comfortably $13.2 million per year. He is of 317 lbs and is earning $43564 per pound. He is one of the famous offensive linemen in present days.

3. Luke Joeckel: Jacksonville Jaguars has made a contract with Like Joeckel at an annual salary of $14.2 million. So, he will get $46405 per pound. Till date he has not succeeded to score a win but we all are waiting to see his success. He was the winner of Outland Trophy in the year 2012.

2. Ryan Clady: This famous offensive lineman has joined Denver Broncos in the year 2008. He was able to make the team to Pro Bowl for three times. He is been appointed for $15 million annual remuneration. He is of 316 lbs and he is getting $47468 per pound. He was awarded as the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week in the year 2008.

1. Eric Fisher : He is the highest paid offensive lineman in recent days. He has been signed by Kansas City Chiefs at an annual remuneration of $14.9 lbs. He is of 306 lbs and he is receiving $48962 per pound. In NFL he is placed with top 32 players in the year 2013.

The above is the list of top ten highest paid offensive linemen during the year 2017 in NFL.