Top 10 Richest Kpop Idols

Top 10 richest Kpop idols 2017, Top 10 Highest Paid Korean Idols.

Whenever you listen about the word Pop, you recall US for the stars. You think that the pop stars from America are the most talented one and there is none to be compared with them. There is the K-pop or the Korean pop that is equally popular in the world and there are some of the richest stars in this genre. You might be new to the term, K-Pop, but if you are a pop lover, then you must have listened to the genre in your life.

The top 10 richest K-pop music idols are as follows

This is a genre that is so popular that some of the musicians and stars in this genre are really rich. You must be looking to get the names of the stars that are richest in this genre and thus this article is meant to narrate their name.

1. Park jae-Sang- Psy, as the world knows him, is one of the top stars in the music industry of Korea and is the biggest name in this genre. He is the richest of all the talents in this genre and is the most popular name too.

Park jae Sang, Richest Kpop Idols

2. Kwon Ji-Yong- Big Bang is another band that is one of the most popular in the state and Yong is one of the members of that band. He started his solo career in 2009 and is one of the richest in the genre.

3. Choi SiWon- Super Junior is a popular band in the state and this one is a member of the 13 member squad. He is the most popular in the band and he has been the lead singer there too. The star is third among the richest k-pop stars.

4. Kwon Boa- BoA id the stage name of her and she is a star performer on the stage and in the playback singing. She started her career in 2000 and from then onwards, she never looked back to get a success. She is in the fourth rank with great popularity and huge earning.

5. Im Yoona- This beautiful lady has great talents and is in the fifth position in the list. She has been a popular face in the state and has many albums that have bagged great success to place her in this rank. She has been a model too and a brand ambassador of many well known companies.

6. JY J- In the sixth place the name comes of the three stars of the JY J band. They all are the stars and one of the most popular names in the state and in the genre. At present they own a house which has a worth of 2.76 million dollars in US dollars.

7. Goo Hara- The talented artist is a singer and an actress too. She has been in the model industry fast and then she came into acting. She is one of the richest in the genre. One house she own in the state worth 1.4 million dollars. This says how rich she is.

8. Park Jeong –Su- Leeteuk is a super star now in the genre and he has been one of the great talents that have come up recently. The song writer is one of the best band boys and he is in the eighth rank with a record of selling 570,000 copies of a one single album.

9. Chi Seung-Hyun- He is a star of the Korean music and is one of the biggest K-pop music stars. The most important thing about the musician is the talent of his which pulled up him to a sale of 600,000 copies of his albums till date.

10. Lee Ji-Eun – She has been one of the top stars and most importantly, at the young age she is a star. She is a guitarist and also a song writer and is one of the top stars in the genre. She is there in the list at the tenth rank, but she will surely go up as time will progress.

All the stars are great names in the genre and they are all popular names in the music industry of the nation. They are ranked according to the popularity and the asset they own. The asset size is definitely the resemblance of their earning.