Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actress

Find the top 10 richest Hollywood actress in 2017, highest paid Hollywood actresses list.

You must be a regular watcher of the movies and must be fan of one of the actresses in the Hollywood film industry. You might be feeling that she must be at the top of all the list of the actress. Here is the list of the top actresses of the Hollywood in terms of net worth and you can easily get the news of the richest of the actresses in the industry. All the actresses that are declared in the list are contender of the richest actresses of Hollywood. Thus check the list and find your idol there. You will be pleased to find her top the list.

The top list of richest Hollywood actresses 2017 is as follows:

The Hollywood actresses are doing really well in the industry and they are getting rewarded well for the job. Here we present the names of Hollywood actresses who are richest in the industry.

1. Julia Roberts- The common name in the Grammies is the richest of all the actresses in the film industry. She has been engaged with the charity works after marriage with the Hindu Husband. She has many good movies affiliated to her name and she is top star with net worth of about 170 million dollars.

Julia Roberts, Richest Hollywood Actress

2. Drew Barrymore- The second name in the list is of the fabulous looking gorgeous girl, the cutest of Hollywood. Drew has been one of the top artists and she has many top movies with her as well. The star actress is in the second position with net worth of 126 million dollars.

3. Angelina Jolie- The hot actress is one of the richest stars and is placed at the third position with 125 million dollars of net worth. The star actress is one of the best in the industry and she is a role model of many of the newly coming actresses in the industry.

4. Jennifer Aniston- The superstar is one of the top contenders for the richest position among the actresses of Hollywood. She has been a big name and her worth is near about 120 million dollars, which is fourth highest among all the contenders.

5. Sandra Bullock- Another big name is here. She is a great actress and is very much popular as a hot actress. She is one of the celebrities that are top in the list and she has a net worth of 85 million dollars. In the lost of the richest actress, she is there in the fifth position.

6. Reese Witherspoon- She has been one of the biggest ladies of the industry and is better known for her appearance in the small screen. She has a net worth of 80 million dollars and is one of the richest star in the industry.

7. Cameron Diaz- The Charlie’s angel is the seventh richest actress of the recently made list. She has been one of the top contenders of the richest rank and she is having a net worth of 74 million dollars.

8. Sarah Jessica Parker- She has been another star from the TV industry. The star actress is one of the famous players in the series Sexy in the city and she is there in the eighth rank in the list. Her net worth is 70 million dollars.

9. Meryl Streep- She has been in the industry for over three decade and she has been a star actress though out her career. She has been a beautiful and soft spoken lady and she is better known in the TV industry. Her net worth is 45 million dollars and she is in the ninth position among the richest stars.

10. Penelope Cruz- She has been a great actress for the last two decades and he is regarded as a great one among all the gorgeous actresses of the industry. The name of this actress has been in the Grammies on numerous occasions and she is the tenth richest actress in the industry with 34 million dollars of net worth.

The names of the actresses are well known to you, but the net worth was not. Some of the actresses are well known in the TV series and others are well known celebrities of Hollywood movies. The net worth is the base of ranking them, which shows how important they are in the film industry. You must have found your dream girl in the list and will be rejoicing for her rank.