Top 10 Hottest Most Popular Female Movie Villains

Top 10 hot Female Movie Villains in the world in 2017, Greatest Female Movie Villains of All Time.

A journey to learn about the leading sexiest villains in 2017: Most of the viewers think that the hottest of the entire actress are heroines of the movies, but it is fact that many of the top villains are even hotter images than the heroines. The most important thing there is to watch is the appeals that she is showing in the movies.

Presenting the list of the leading top 10 hot female movie villains for year 2017

You will find that most of hot bombs that the director refers are the villains and not the heroines. The list of the top actresses that are regarded as the hottest based on their villain characters are listed below. All the actresses are hottest in terms of the view till recent times. Some of the movies are older, but the appeal of the villains in those movies is still the hottest collections of the directors.

1. Catherine Tramell – This old movie is one of the hottest movies of ever and it is still admired by the directors as one of the hottest movies till date. The critical role of villain by this actress in the movie Basic Instinct (1992) has been a spontaneous role and was so appealing that it even challenged the hottest actress Sharon stone in this movie.

Catherine Tramell, Most Popular Sexiest Villains

2. Jennifer Check – The super model has been one of the critical role players ever and this movie is a signature one from her. The movie has been one of the hottest one in the film industry and that is only because of her brilliant role as a villain in the movie Jennifer’s Body (2009).

3. Sil – The critical role in this critical movie has thrown a great challenge to Natasha, the heroine of the movie Species (1995). The spontaneous attitude from this actress in the movie has made the directors feel her need in the industry. She got many consignments after the great success in this movie in the role of a villain.

4. Xenia Onatopp – The brilliant actress has been one of the top role players in the movie Golden eye (1995). The brilliant acting skills have been presented here with a great hot appeal and that made the viewers feel the warmth of the movie. The directors also became a fan of her after this movie.

5. Regina George – The perfect teen beauty has been show cased in this movie with a mean mindedness and with the hottest attitude. The directors found this actress in a new way from the movie Mean Girls (2004) and started to sign up new consignments quickly.

6. Dr. Julia Harris – The great actress really made the viewers feel the awe with the brilliant acting skill and the perfect sensation she have shown in the movie. She left no stone unturned in the movie Horrible Bosses (2011) and that made her as one of the hottest choice as a villain in the film industry from the directors.

7. T-X – The brilliant actress has been one of the hottest figures in the movie and the perfect role from her has been a mix of hot appeal and stupendous attitude. Her role in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) has been admired at all levels and mostly the directors felt her need in the film industry.

8. Baroness – This has been one of the smartest villains of all time. The brilliant acting from the actress in the movie GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) has been one of the top movies that have been remembered for the villain role. This movie has been one of the sensational movies of her and she never had to turn back after this one.

9. Madison Lee – The fantastic role in the movie Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) from this actress made the directors feel that why she is not a heroine instead. Her brilliant role in the movie was absolutely awesome and that made the viewers really love her character.

10. Lori Quaid – The great actress has been into a stunning role in the Total Recall (1990). The beautiful looking actress made the role brilliantly and that was so beautiful that she has been regarded as on of the hottest villains of ever. Even the heroine’s brilliancy was suppressed in that movie.

All the movies and the actresses stated above are brilliant actresses and their roles in the respective movies has been remembered for years at least from the director’s point of view.