Top 10 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV in The World

Here we are discussing about the list of Top 10 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV in The World in 2017. The world leader in Television technology, having a firm hold on the market around the world and seeing majority of television sales, Samsung is a standout for the success it has seen. With constant innovation and development, the company has been able to find growth and success in the field of television. What started as 4K LED TVs were transformed to curved 4K LED TVs by Samsung. That set a new trend and the products became more popular and saw high sales. The Smart LED TVs with 4k displays run with smart view 2.0 that is very simplified and easy to use.

Here is the list of best selling 4K TVs of Samsung that which found great success in the market.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV in The World in 2017

10. Samsung UN55JU6500 :

Samsung UN55JU6500 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV 2017

This series of TVs have very elegant, thin and flat design making them handy in compact rooms. The 4 times sharper HD pictures have been given with more dramatic detail in these TVs. PurColor technology is employed that which creates greater depths and incredible shades for spectacular pictures. A special feature adds optimized brightness and contrast to the pictures at multiple zones. The free flowing motion is experienced with 120 Hz refresh rate and streaming is made possible via built in WiFi and HDMI ports.

9. Samsung UN55KU6290 :

Samsung UN55KU6290 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV 2017

These TVs deliver High dynamic range content that can fluctuate between various brightness and contrast ranges with some incredible life like clarity with 4K UHD displays. Access to Internet is made easier with inbuilt WiFi system. It also boasts of UHD Dimming and auto depth technologies for amazing viewing. The PurColor technology promotes the 4k UHD viewing with vivid colors redefining each pixel. The system is powered by a Quad core processor that eases surfing through apps and channels.

8. Samsung UN48JU6400 :

Samsung UN48JU6400 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV 2017

A TV with 48 inches display of 4K Ultra HD that uses active crystal display technology. This device also has smart remote control and a simplified smart view 2.0 for easy streaming and browsing. The design is compact and slim. The picture qualities, yet again are very spectacular and crystal clear. Priced at $570,it is very affordable and has been amongst the bestsellers from the brand.

7. Samsung UN48JU6700 :

Samsung UN48JU6700 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV 2018

The 4k UHD display is curved in this device, that makes the viewing more immersive. The PurColor technology is used with other great features like UHD Dimming, precision black that brings every little detail into life. Local dimming and auto depth help in rendering natural pictures with more sharpness. The elegantly designed TV has a display with refresh rate 120 Hz for fluid picture quality in motion.

6. Samsung UN40KU7000 :

Samsung UN40KU7000 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV 2016

A 40 inches TV with an UHD display for the astonishing resolution which defines each pixels to deliver sharper and crisper images like never before. The wide color enhancement, Micro Dimming control, Peak illuminator pack, PurColor technology, Precision black technology sum up to render stunning picture qualities. The device offers life like detail, blending the primary and secondary colors to perfection. There is also upscaling of pictures done for better viewing. The WiFi connectivity and easy smart view 2.0 eases the online streaming, gaming experiences.

5. Samsung UN55JU7500 :

Samsung UN55JU7500 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV 2018

This is a curved 4K LED TV that has ultra HD display that delivers amazingly incredible pictures that are much sharper, crisper than LED standard HD displays. The curved display makes the viewing much more immersive. The refresh rate is very high as much as 240 Hz for seamless fluid picture in action videos. The dimming technology uses precision black local dimming technology that adds greater detail to the pictures. PurColor with Peak illuminator along with auto depth technology result in the incredible picture quality. The built in WiFi and 4 HDMI ports afford greater connectivity options.

4. Samsung UN65JS8500 :

Samsung UN65JS8500 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV 2018

This thin and flat franchise sticks to the wall with much ease. The TV features 4K UHD display for stunning pictures embedded with control for brightness and contrast for HDR content. The system also sports Peak Illuminator and PurColor with advanced auto depth technology. The display boats of Nano Crystal technology with an amazing refresh rate of 240 Hz for smooth streaming of actions also with Multi Zone local dimming system. This whole package comes in a 4K television of Samsung that which makes it in the list of bestsellers around the world.

3. Samsung UN65KS8000 :

Samsung UN65KS8000 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV 2017

This 65 inches TV sports Quantum Dot Nano Crystal technology, which has been regarded as the revolutionary innovation. The UHD resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) viewing gives astounding pictures regardless of amount of light interference. The Flat Panel 360 design makes the television very sleek and slim. UHD Dimming and Ultra Black contrast adds greater depths to the pictures rendering fuller spectrum of colors. The built-in WiFi enables to browse through apps and channels for limitless entertainment.

2. Samsung UN55JS7000 :

Samsung UN55JS7000 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV 2016

This television boasts of a Nano crystal technology that is employed for superior quality, spectacular pictures. Color enhancements, Dynamic brightness and contrast control with the display refresh rate of 120 Hz makes the 4k UHD viewing the best ever. The device is powered by a Quad core processor and incredible sound output gives a great home theater experience at the price of about $ 752.

1. SAMSUNG UN55KU6300 :

SAMSUNG UN55KU6300 Best Selling Samsung 4k TV 2017

THE KU6300 franchise of Samsung 4k TVs render stunning pictures in 4k Ultra HD screens of 55 inch. The picture viewing is made much better with advanced Pure Color and Micro Dimming technology that deliver sharper and more clear images. There is also a wide color enhancer for vivid colors. With the help of built in WiFi systems and Samsung smart functionality online streaming , browsing can be done with ease. The price is about $ 997 that is worth paying for this great TV set in 2017.

For a buyer, this list should be helpful to deduce the right TV for oneself. One should also keep in mind that, these televisions are also available in many other sizes to fit one’s comfort. All these render great picture quality for a whole new experience in TV viewing being priced at various levels.