Top 10 Most Expensive Phones in The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World in 2017, The Rarest And Most Expensive Phones.

Use the expensive phones: with style: All of us want to use designer phone. But these designer phones are very expensive in the market. The reason of being expensive is that they are decorated with high quality of precious stones. Mainly the stones are diamond. The internal processor of the phone is also of high quality and thus the phone runs very fast. Thus when you will use the phone you will be fully satisfied. These phones can support all the applications in them and thus they runs very smoothly. If you use the phone then you will feel luxurious and you will look fashionable in the streets.

List of top 10 most expensive phones of the world in 2017

Phones are part and parcel of everyday life and if you want the best for you then you need to pay high for it and so the expensive phones are there in the market. We are here to give you info about the most expensive phones available in the market.

Below here is the list of top 10 most expensive phones which are found in the market. These phones have beautiful designed in their body and by their design they attract the people.

10. Vertu Signature Diamond- The cost of the phone is 88,300$. This phone has all the advanced features. The main attraction of the phone is that the phone is having a diamond color. The color is very rare, and thus the user loves to use the phone. The model of the phone is very stylish.

Vertu Signature Diamond, The Rarest And Most Expensive Phones 2018

42 Replies to “Top 10 Most Expensive Phones in The World”

  1. Anyone who would spend money on this gaudy shit should be dragged out to south Philly and beaten to death. We have an epidemic of jobless, homeless, struggling lower, and middle class people, and you couldn’t think of something a little cooler to spend your money on? Forget south philly. I hope the phone catches fire in your hand and broken glass gets embedded in both your eyes. And while you are fumbling around trying to see, a vicious, rabid, demon squirrel from the seventh portal of hell bites your genitals clear off your body so you cannot pass your arrogance on to another generation.

  2. Wow thus all your comments but the fact is a lot people don’t know how to use an iPhone and thus their problem.uou must learn ,iPhones can connect to other phones via bt ,xender,flash share and more .is only when you don’t kno that you famble .talking about the pricing,shortly as the Bible says “when you are full you will refuse honey but when you are hungry ,even the butter taste sweet”

  3. I prefer iphone. Except iphone i need nothing…
    It served me a lot in my career.. bt nw i need change…. i go witj nokia1100… lolz

  4. You are right … iphones are really waste of money…
    You cant even send pics to android mobile by blue tooth.. i knw its gd.. bt nt worth…

  5. I think this article helps a lot.
    It helped me lot in choosing a right phone at a right price. We can relate quality and quantity with smartphones with this

  6. This is surprising to see that people take interest in owning such phones. They are the most idiotic. I don’t understand why they find a need to get one such?

  7. I’ve heard more new versions of iPhones that cost 4 million dollors and 5 million dollars. I also saw that they make it out of some exotic materials like metals, stones, leather and all. Felt gross thinking how people waste their money. Stupidity that

  8. Firstly I have never heard of my president owning 8 million US dollars in his life and I guess he won’t own it in his real life.Maybe in after-life lol! So a smart phone costing 8 million?
    Don’t scare me! Its not good to scare me that way lol!!!

  9. I would never ever spend on these phones. They are all super rich man’s play things and it’s all about luxury. For those who love staking money, they do on such.

  10. Yeah.. Iphones are really waste.. Its just tat it has best picture quality.. And an apple symbol. Lol. I had an iphone.. Its so waste.. I couldnt connect it with my frnz phones.. Then y shud i ve such stupid phones..

  11. This list itself is very expensive i guess.. It has the same features like other phones.. Except few! Iphone is just for namesake.. The one who has an iphone is like a god here.. I dono why people fall into such things..

  12. I cant believe someone would by million dollar non-smartphones just because they have precious metal on them. Who knew consumers could be this stupid.

  13. I cant believe someone would by million dollar non-smartphones just because they have precious metal on them. Who knew consumers could be this stupid.

  14. So Impressive That People Can Buy Cell Phones At 8million Dollars While Others Do Not Even Have Food On Their Table Hmm! What A World?

    1. Seriously even I reckon the same. It’s just for those who stake money for luxury. Instead they can do some charity or give the money for government’s developmental purposes. That’ll be good.

  15. These are so damn expensive dude. This can’t be affordable anyhow. Millionaires can’t also think of buying one. These maybe best for keeping in some museum.

  16. I’ve heard some luxurious phone by Lamborghini also. They cost as much as their cars. Lol.
    These are just good to have a look at but not to buy. I’m not a luxury loving person and I wish to spend my money in a better way than wasting on these.

  17. I definitely know that I can’t buy one of these in my life time :/
    I can’t afford to spend my earning in having such phones. Its meant for those who stake money for luxury.

  18. I guess the list has to be updated. IPhone 5s gold model is much more costlier. It is a good list though. A mention of specifications would have been better.

  19. These are not for those who need a phone for utility. These can only be kept for show in museums but can’t be used for day to day needs. I don’t know these have been sold out but I surely think that it’s not of any worth the money.

  20. Sirin Solarin is the costliest in the if we not consider special editions. It is developed by Israel and has some most advanced security systems and has a stunning look too. Author has to look up to that i guess.

  21. These are special editions and I wish the author gets one list of the expensive phones according to their price and available in more quantity. These are old models too..

  22. Can the author just look up for fresh stuffs?
    IPhone 4 is so ancient at the moment. So I guess it’ll be better if you put up iPhone 5 or 6 special editions of this kind

  23. Omg!
    Those are all whopping prices! I can’t believe that these really exist. It would be awesome to have iPhones with diamond studs. IPhones are luxurious and with these special editions they would be more special.

  24. These are all special editions, but the actual costlier phone is Solarin from Israel. It is called Rolls Royse in Mobile market. It is a mark of luxury.

    1. I think it costs about 16000 dollors and is the most secure phone with military grade security features embedded in it. Israel’s this start up deserve appreciations for this development.

    2. Yes. Solarin comes with some of the most advanced security features that might be used in military services too. The encryption is so well developed. An acknowledgement for this Israeli Startup in bringing out such a smartphone.

  25. Hahahaha I Can’t Believe It A Cell Phone At 8 Million Dollar That’s Amazing If Someone Got One An It Happen He Misplace It What Is He Gona Do Hahaha A Cell Phone Is More Expensive Than A Car Am Suprise

  26. An iPhone is very costly and it’s the luxury people want to have in smartphone. I just can’t believe that there’s an iPhone costs 8million dollors. That’s such astounding figure. A very informative list and I’m gonna look up for few more interesting ones in the site.

  27. Omg iPhone worth 8 Million dollars my god I cant believe that a cell phone can be so expensive if some rich kid owns it and lose it somewhere most people wil think its just some cheap Chinese copy but the one who really knows about it will have the real fortune hahaah

  28. Cellphone now became a necessary part of our life more and more people everyday are get to buy latest mobile phones according to there pockets but these phones are for the elite who really wanna show of there status by the gadgets and accessories they have

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