Top 10 Best Smartphone Companies in The World

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 Best Smartphone Companies in The World in 2017. With the evolution of time, once popular feature phones were overpowered by the modern breed called smartphones which are now considered as the symbol of civilization these days. A phone that can fit within the fist of a person is capable of connecting to the whole of the world anywhere, anytime. It has now become an integral part of one’s life and it plays major role in routine activities.

A smartphone now has become an effective tool for camera, music, games, videos, news and what not? Many big companies have produced smartphones some innovative, futuristic technologies and features that have made our lives easier. Each day a new device hits the market with one or the other stand out feature. China, US, Japan, South Korea, India have some big manufacturers who have their products around the world. The Flagship smartphones are the new heights found by the companies and they make a huge revenue out of these products’ sale. With billions of smartphones in the world now, we can clearly understand the popularity and viral marketing of these smartphones.

Here is a list of best and largest companies that vend smartphones in world which have found their places in fists of billions of users:

List of Top 10 Best Smartphone Companies in The World in 2017

10. HTC Corporation :

HTC Corporation Best Smartphone Companies 2018

This is a company hailing from Taiwan, head quartered in New Taipei City. This company was started as original design and equipment manufacturer and initially produced Windows Mobile. Later, the company started producing Android smartphone devices and now have wide range of devices in all price ranges. HTC are very keen in experimentation and always bringing new designs, innovative technologies in their devices

9.Lenovo :

Lenovo Best Smartphone Companies 2017

This company manufactures some finest laptops and computer peripherals and has entered smartphone business with ‘LePhone’ brand name in Mainland China and ‘IdeaPhone’ in overseas. It has its market widespread all over the world and is trying to expand its business in Mainland China by overpowering Samsung.

8.Sony Corporation :

Sony Corporation Best Smartphone Companies 2017

This Japanese company is a big name in electronics with some exceptional flagship technologies in their products. Their mobile phones were marketed initially as Sony Ericsson, and later under the brand phone ‘Xperia’. The smartphones are embedded with the superior technologies of Sony’s camera, music, display engines to render incredible performance.

7.Coolpad Group Limited :

Coolpad Group Limited Best Smartphone Companies 2017

This was initially the brand name of smartphones by Yulong Computer Technologies, owned by China Wireless, and later the company was renamed as ‘Coolpad Group Limited’. It is the largest smartphone company in China, headquartered at Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It is the largest Chinese domestic brand by sales outside of China with their popular devices like Dazen 1,Dazen X7 that had found great success in various countries of the world.

6.Motorola Mobility:

Motorola Mobility Best Smartphone Companies 2016

Presently owned by Lenovo, it was a part of Motorola Inc. initially and later owned by Google where it produced Android smartphones with purest Android Platform. The company also brought one of the first Android smart watch. The companies famous smartphone franchises include Moto E, Moto G, Moto X that have been extremely acclaimed.

5.Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd:

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd Best Smartphone Companies 2016

This company hails from China and is the largest telecom equipment maker and one of the largest in soft switch market, optical hardware market. Thus, this company has its market widespread around the world. Its popular smartphone merchandise brands include Honor and the latest Nexus 6P designed for Google.

4.LG Electronics :

LG Electronics Best Smartphone Companies 2018

The company has a huge market in wide range of products in home appliances, electronic gadgets, smartphones. The smartphones by LG are cost efficient and highly proficient with some latest technologies and innovations embedded in them. The high end G series was the major break through for the company after its other popular smartphones.

3. Nokia Corporation :

Nokia Corporation Best Smartphone Companies 2017

This Finnish based company now owned by Microsoft, had supreme hold in Mobile business and had its market in about 150 countries. It was the largest vendor of mobile phones in the world, while its iconic Nokia tune became the highest played music in a day. Later, they produced smartphones with Symbian OS and gained great popularity. However, with advent of Android devices, their market demand fell. Later, the company produced Windows phones in collaboration with Microsoft under the brand name ‘Lumia’.

2. Apple Inc :

Apple Inc Best Smartphone Companies 2016

This is a smartphone company known for innovations, simplicity, futuristic technologies owned by Apple Inc. Their smartphones are embedded with superior chips, Sensors and softwares and run on iOS specially developed for their smartphones under the brand name iPhone. Although the number of products are limited, they have seen whooping sales in the smartphone market across the world.

1. Samsung Electronics:

Samsung Electronics Best Smartphone Companies 2018

The Samsung electronics from South Korea started Android smartphone manufacturing with all range of smartphones and now have a few flagship devices in their name. The market for their smartphones is so widespread all over the world. Especially, in counties like India, their lower end smartphones have gained a huge popularity for their cost effectiveness. Their smartphones are marketed under the name Samsung Galaxy and their other franchises include Note series, S, Y, W, A, On series.

These big names in the smartphone market have gained major foothold and produce devices keeping in mind about their customers and always seek success with new innovations and new possibilities with a smartphone.

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  1. Too many kids go for Iphone. I would never pay the amount they sale their phones and minus the micro sd card slot and you have to pay more just for an adapter for the slot or storage extension and to even listen to music now without a damn jack. No thanks but to me Apple should never be on any top lists. LG should be second.

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  3. Every part of the world has market for Samsung smartphones. They are very popular for the excellent performance and cheaper prices. Especially the flagship devices are just brilliant with awesome technology.

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