Top 10 Best Selling Smartphone Brands in India

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Smartphone Brands in India in 2017. With globalization, India opened to world market and products from overseas were made available to Indian customers too. As time passed, now Indian market has widened up and the manufacturers take care about the models to be released to suit Indian conditions so as to make huge profit on sales.

There are also few Indian brands and startups that are making news in the world smartphone market. Here is a list of smartphone brands that have been the best sellers in the recent past in India and that have been the talk of the town:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Smartphone Brands in India in 2017

10. Huawei:

Huawei Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2016

The popular Honor series of smartphones are produced by this Chinese based world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturers. The devices are with unbeatable features of high end smartphones with unbeatable prices. They have earned a lot of revenue with sales of Honor series and the latest Nexus 6P from Huawei powered by Google, has also become a huge hit in Indian Market.

9. Motorola :

Motorola Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2017

Their smartphones are marketed under brandname ‘Moto’ with Android in pure form. The company became independent entity after separating from Motorola Inc. Later, the Moto franchise produced a lower range smartphone Moto E, a mid range smartphone Moto G and a higher end smartphone Moto and all the phones did really well in Indian Market and were highly acclaimed for their exceptional performances. Their smartphone cameras have been a standout with superior Auto focus and sensors. After its acquisition by Lenovo, now it is marketed as Moto by Lenovo.

8. HTC:

HTC Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2018

This is a brand from a Taiwanese company, and has produced some outstanding smartphones giving serious competition to the flagship smartphones of other big brands. Their constant improvisations and innovations has paid off well in Indian Market as their sales have been increasing steadily with Desire, One, M series being blockbusters.

7. Lenovo:

Lenovo Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2017

This is a big player in Indian Smartphone market, hailing from Mainland China. Now it also owns Motorola Mobilities, thus ready to launch the wearable smartwatches developed by Moto under their name. The Vibe, K, A series did exceptionally well in the market, few being exclusively launched in Online shopping platforms. It is said that this Chinese manufacturer will soon be rebranded as Moto for all of its smartphones.

6. ASUS:

ASUS Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2017

Marketed under the brand name ‘Zenfone’ with their own attractive user interface, the company has had a huge success in Indian smartphone market. The Zenfones have exceptional cameras and deliver powerful performance with ease of use. The company has been greatly promising with these devices in about only few years of launch in the country.

5. Sony:

Sony Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2017

This is a smartphone brand by Sony Corporation from Japan, where they have produced some of the finest smartphones embedded with their flagship technologies under the brand name of ‘Xperia’. Sony’s smartphones are known for stunning display, incredible sound and exceptional cameras. In Indian Market the Z series, C series, M series have done exceptionally well and have gained a huge popularity too.

4. Microsoft :

Microsoft Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2016

Earlier was known as Nokia, and re branded as Microsoft after acquisition by the latter. They exclusively produce Windows phones under the brand name Lumia. There are all low to high range smartphones with vivid features. Some are specifically camera phones while other are designed for prolific working. They have found worldwide market and excellent sales too.

3. Micromax :

Micromax Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2018

Micromax is a Indian based brand that markets it’s smartphones and tablets under the brand name of Canvas. Their smartphones are usually in the lower range but possess greater technologies and deliver good performance too. They currently have the cheapest smartphone of the country priced at about Rs. 300. Their doodle, bolt, fire, juice, Knight series were immensely popular and their affordable price is very suitable for Indian conditions,thus became a key to their success.

2. Apple:

Apple Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2016

It is a pride to own an iPhone from Apple and it is because of the uniqueness that the device offers. The camera is outstanding and the device never gets any lags on usage and the wide iOS platform offers a huge platform of apps to choose from. The user interface facilitates was ease of use. The latest iPhone 6, 6s and SE models have done really well in Indian Market.

1. Samsung:

Samsung Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2018

The Galaxy brand has had major foothold in Indian smartphone devices since a long time. It has introduced a wide range of devices with a lot of varieties. There are a lot of lower range of smartphones being affordable for the Indian conditions. Also, the flagship phones like Note series, S series have tasted a huge success too. Their dominance in the market is still continuing with the latest J, A series gaining popularity.

This list showcased the most popular smartphone brands in India that have gained a huge revenue out of their bulk sales in the nation.