Top 10 Best Selling Smartphone Brands in The World

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Smartphone Brands in The World in 2017. Smartphone has now become the signature of advancement and a symbol of civilization. There are billions of smartphones in this world replacing a watch, alarm clock, laptop, TV, mp3 player, camera and everything else.

With an internet connection, a smartphone showcases seamless possibilities. Numerous brands around the world manufacture and vend smartphones under various brand names. Among these, few have gained a larger foothold in the worldwide market because of their quality devices. People tend to look up for smartphones by these brands for their trustworthiness and value for money they offer.

Here is the list of Best-selling smartphone brands in the world,that have had great success and earned a lot of revenue:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Smartphone Brands in The World in 2017

10. Motorola :

Motorola Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2017

This smartphone brand markets its product under brandname ‘Moto’ where it has produced smartphones with purest Android platform. After the separation from Motorola Inc, the Moto franchise produced a lower end smartphone Moto E, a mid range smartphone Moto G and a higher end smartphone Moto X. All of them received a great response for the features they possessed and the incredible performances. Their smartphone cameras have been a standout and highly acclaimed. With many versions of E,G,X series they earned a lot of revenue and now it is marketed as Moto by Lenovo after Lenovo’s acquisition couple of years ago.

9. Lenovo:

Lenovo Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2017

Hailing from Mainland China, its popularity is spread worldwide for the smartphones with superior features and some stunning innovations that make life easier. It is marketed as ‘LePhone’ in Mainland China and as ‘IdeaPhone’ in rest of the world. It has acquired Motorola Mobilities, thus expanding its market with range in smartphones. The Vibe, K series of smartphones had exceptional cameras and striking sound output with Dolby audio. The company will soon be rebranded as Moto for all of its smartphones.

8. Sony:

Sony Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2017

A smartphone brand by Sony Corporation from Japan, their smartphones is marketed with the brand name of ‘Xperia’. Sony has produced some exotic phones with high end features embedded with their flagship technologies and sensors for stunning, smooth performance. Initially they produced phones with Ericson Mobile Communications ,and later separated and rebranded as Sony Xperia, where they produced exceptional smartphones like the Z, M,C series which render incredible performance for the price.

7. Coolpad:

Coolpad Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2017

This Chinese domestic brand has seen largest sales outside of China produced by Coolpad Group Ltd. The smartphones by Coolpad are very cost effective and have great features and standout specifications. The models for overseas market like Coolpad Dazen 1, a low range smartphone which saw great success in the market and also Dazen X7 did well. The more recent Coolpad Note 3 was a sensation as it offered high end specifications for very low price.

6. HTC:

HTC Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2016

Produced by a Taiwanese company, the HTC brand has produced some outstanding smartphones. They keep experimenting, innovating in every term to render a device that delivers beyond the expectations of the customer. They produce smartphones that run with Android in pure form. The designs of HTC phones are very unique and well crafted. The One series, Desire series saw great sales in the worldwide market making HTC, one of the leaders in the market.

5. Huawei:

Huawei Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2016

This telecom equipment giant produces some of the world’s finest smartphones which deliver great performance for quite unbeatable price. For the worldwide market, the Huawei brand produces smartphones under the brand name ‘Honor’. With every release, the brand shows the increased possibilities with its immense potential. The recent Google’s Nexus device was manufactured by Huawei as Nexus 6P, which was a blockbuster hit.

4. LG:

LG Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2018

They have a popular market around the world for their wide range of smartphones. The wide spread market for their incredible design, features and some intuitive flagship systmes have grossed them a huge revenue. The G series was a major breakthrough for LG where millions of units were sold out in no time.

3. Microsoft :

Microsoft Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2016

Earlier was known as Nokia, and re branded as Microsoft after acquisition by the latter. They exclusively produce Windows phones under the brand name Lumia. There are all low to high range smartphones with vivid features. Some are specifically camera phones while other are designed for prolific working. They have found worldwide market and excellent sales too.

2. Apple:

Apple Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2018

This is always a stand out in any respect among the smartphone brands. They bring smartphones under the name ‘iPhone’ that run on their own ‘iOS’. These iPhones are known for their exceptional camera, innovation, ease of use without any lags. These exotic devices are quite luxurious and are known to deliver never ending possibilities and futuristic technologies.

1. Samsung:

Samsung Best Selling Smartphone Brands 2018

The Samsung GALAXY brand from South Korea has the largest market for smartphones in the world. May it be the flagship smartphones like the Note, S series or the lower range smartphones of Y, A, J series, Samsung have tasted brilliant success and have earned a huge revenue. They produce Android phones that have unbeatable features at unbeatable prices. Their smartphones vary as per the nations they market in, by considering the customers and their previous success.

So, that was a list that showcased the most popular smartphone brands in the world that have larger value of sales than other brands and have gained a huge revenue.