Top 10 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs in The World in 2017. Being one of the most popular and bestselling brands in the world, Samsung has always welcomed innovation into its devices and with further improvisations, it has rendered some of the most fnest LED TVs of the world for greatest viewing experience.

In this list we have the Samsung LED TVs that have been blockbuster hits and have been highly acclaimed by the critics and customers. These televisions are priced very reasonably for their spectacular picture performance.

So here is the list of Top 10 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs in The World 2017

10. Samsung UN40H5003:

Samsung UN40H5003 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs 2017

The television hosts a 40 inches screen with a resolution of 1080 pixels for standard HD resolution. The images rendered by the display are in Full High Definition that is very crisp and sharp. The display has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and action scenes are viewed in great perfection. The incredible sound output of 20W boosts the viewing experience. The TV being priced at about $ 337.90 is a great value for the price.

9. Samsung UN32J5205:

Samsung UN32J5205 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs 2016

This television has a very elegant, sleek design that hosts a 32 inches display lit by LED. Micro dimming feature enables pictures with great contrast and colour. Bluetooth, HDMI connectivity is facilitated. The Full HD display with refresh rate of 120 Hz renders great performance with very vibrant and natural colours. This UN32J5205 model is priced at about $ 227, performs exceptionally well.

8. Samsung UN40J5200:

Samsung UN40J5200 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs 2018

An incredible picture quality for a standard Full HD display of 40 inches. The images and video content are sharp and crisp with quite dramatic detail. The colours are displayed in very natural transitions. The display is full array LED backlit, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Samsung’s flagship sound output is delivered in this TV too. Bluetooth connectivity and HDMI ports are facilitated. The television costs about $297, which is for the unbeatable value of performance.

7. Samsung UN60J6200:

Samsung UN60J6200 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs 2018

Sporting a big LED screen of 60 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for Full HD streaming with incredible picture quality and remarkable sound quality. The display refresh rate is 120 Hz for smooth streaming of action in dramatic detail. Smart functionality is enabled for access to internet, movies and many more. Smart replay function lets recording of favourite content. The TV is priced at about $ 697 and it performs really well.

6. Samsung UN48J5100:

Samsung UN48J5100 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs 2017

This television from Samsung has a LED display of 48 inches that relays contents in Full HD with incredible, realistic picture quality. This Smart TV is embedded with Smart Browser for accessing internet and entertainment. Smart share technology uses built in WiFi to sync smart phone to TV to stream media and share media with an USB storage device. The big 48 inches screen can be used to as mobile phone’s second screen to project apps, games and media.

5. Samsung UN48J5300:

Samsung UN48J5300 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs 2018

A sleek, flat designed television with a display of 48 inches that is lit by full array of LED. This also has incredible sound output that gives great viewing experience with the stunning, sharp, clear images even for the fast paced motion. Screen mirroring technology is enabled for streaming phone’s media including apps and games. Smart functionality is enabled with Smart Browser and connectivity is enhanced by smart sharing via PC and smartphones.

4. Samsung UN50J5570:

Samsung UN50J5570 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs 2017

This Smart TV is powered by Tizen OS for smart functionality that allows access to internet, movies, games, apps and many more. The 50 inches Full HD display renders incredible quality pictures on a LED backlit panel. Connectivity with Direct WiFi, HDMI is enabled. Smart phones can be connected with the TV for streaming of media and the smart interface is very simple yet interactive.

3. Samsung UN48J5000:

Samsung UN48J5000 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs 2016

This sports a Full High Definition display of 48 inches that delivers exceptional image quality with rich sharpness, crispness and vibrant colour. Micro dimming technology is employed for great viewing at every angle along with wide colour enhancer. Dolby MS11 audio system gives a remarkable sound output of 20W. Fast paced actions are streamed effortlessly with great detail in the display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, HDMI ports with wireless audio streaming system. This television is priced at about $ 377, which is quite great for the incredible performance it delivers.

2. Samsung UN48J5500:

Samsung UN48J5500 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs 2016

Being powered by a Quad core processor, this television with a Full HD display of 48 inches. The picture quality is stunning with vivid colours and very naturalistic detail. Smart functionality is enabled and with built in WiFi, the user can access internet for endless entertainment through this big screen. A big platform with wide range of apps, games, movies is available to enhance the smart functionality. Being priced at about $ 453, this is a Smart TV to have for unlimited entertainment.

1. Samsung UN60J6300:

Samsung UN60J6300 Best Selling Samsung LED TVs 2017

This television has a curved Full HD display that renders incredible picture quality that is rich in detail with 1080 pixels resolution, with an extremely immersive viewing experience. A Quad core processor powers the smart functionality that is highly simplified for ease of use. Connect sharing and Anynet + are the notable smart functions in this television. Stunning sound output is facilitated by DTS Premium sound system with incredible streaming of fast motion. The design is very sleek and slim and compact for a 60 inches screen. Wide colour enhancer with contrast booster results in striking pictures in each frame.

The above listed TVs have gained great popularity after having great success in market in 2017 and acclaimed by critics. These all render great viewing experiencing with Full HD viewing.