Top 10 Best Selling LG LED TVs in The World

Take a look at the list of Top 10 Best Selling LG LED TVs in The World in 2017. LG Electronics bring the perfect combination of technology and innovation in their range of televisions that are lit by LED. These televisions have gained great recognition by critics and have been best sellers in the television market. The South Korean manufacturer has found brilliant success in their series of LED TVs.

Here is the list showcasing the bestselling LED TVs by LG electronics with a sneak peek into their features and performance:

List of Top 10 Best Selling LG LED TVs in The World in 2017

10. LG 28LF4520:

LG 28LF4520 Best Selling LG LED TVs 2017

This television is very compact to fit any space of a house with a display of 28 inches of 720 pixels resolution. The image quality is standard definition which is pretty decent with a good sound output. The refresh rate of 60 Hz is provided for the LED display. Though smart functionality is not enabled, this TV has particularly gained popularity for its compact, sleek design and good performance.

9. LG 24LH4530:

LG 24LH4530 Best Selling LG LED TVs 2016

LG Electronics have another compact bestseller LED TV in their segment. With a display of 24 inches with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, this television provides convenient viewing in Standard definition. Connectivity options include HDMI to use it as a monitor .Priced at about $127,this is a very good television for budget conscious buyers.

8. LG 32LF5600:

LG 32LF5600 Best Selling LG LED TVs 2016

Being very sleek, slim TV with elegant design to make it quite compact to fit easily in a living room, this television sports a 32 inches LED display with Full High definition resolution of 1080 pixels. Smart functionality is not enabled, but still the TV renders stunning image quality with good audio output. Two HDMI ports are provided for the TV which has Energy Star badge for being energy efficient.

7. LG 32LF595B:

LG 32LF595B Best Selling LG LED TVs 2018

The stand out feature of this television is its compact yet elegant, slim design. This endows a 32 inches LED screen with a standard resolution of 720 pixels. With Smart functionality enabled, TV viewing is more fun and interactive. WebOS is simplified for ease of use to browse internet. This TV is priced at about $ 227.

6. LG 50LF6000:

LG 50LF6000 Best Selling LG LED TVs 2017+

An incredible picture quality is rendered by this television with a LED display of 50 inches in Full HD resolution. LG’s TruMotion 120Hz technology helps in reducing distortion for fast paced motion streaming. The Triple XD video processing engine gives very crisp and sharp images with enhanced details. HDMI and USB ports are provided for more connectivity options. The sound output of 20W by Dolby speakers is remarkable in this television. The TV also has efficient power management system too.

5. LG 43LF5400:

LG 43LF5400 Best Selling LG LED TVs 2017

A TV that hosts a 43 inches screen that streams contents in Full HD in 1080 pixels resolution. The device is flat, sleek and designed to be compact. Triple XD engine processes video contents to deliver rich colour and detail. The fast paced motion is streamed effortlessly with less motion blur and distortion. The sound output of 20W is very impressive to enhance TV viewing experience. The television is priced at about $ 260, unbeatable price for its value and performance.

4. LG 43LH5700:

LG 43LH5700 Best Selling LG LED TVs 2016

This TV offers a Full High Definition viewing experience with a 43 inch LED display with 1080 pixels resolution. The LG Triple XD engine processes every image to enhance colour, contrast and depth to render great detail. Motion blur and distortion is reduced by the new TruMotion 120 Hz technology. Smart functionality is enabled, but not all Smart functions are enabled. This TV costs about $ 367.

3. LG 55LH5750:

LG 55LH5750 Best Selling LG LED TVs 2018

The television sports a 55 inches LED display that renders a Full HD viewing with stunning details and vivid, pure colors with amazing audio output. The TV is energy effiecent that possesses Energy Star label. Smart functionality is enabled with a very simplified user interface although not every smart function is enabled. Priced at about $ 497, this is one of the best sellers in LG electronics’ LED TV segment.

2. LG 43LF5900:

LG 43LF5900 Best Selling LG LED TVs 2018

This is a Smart Full HD TV with a LED display of 43 inches that delivers very rich detail and vibrant colors in each frame. With TruMotion technology, action scenes are streamed effortlessly in quite impressive detail. Smart functionality allows the user to access internet, apps, movies and many more with other smart connectivity options. HDMI and USB connectivity options are also provided to stream various storage and media devices. This television costs about $ 334 , pretty great price for a Full HD smart TV experience.

1. LG32LF550A:

LG32LF550A Best Selling LG LED TVs 2017

One of the most recent televisions by LG electronics that has gained vast popularity in a very short time. This TV sports an IPS panel display of 32 inches that renders Full HD picture quality with powerful Triple XD processing engine. The images carry natural color transitions with high contrast and depth. This slim, sleek TV with narrow bezel offers a wide viewing angle that is free from contrast and colour loss. The action scenes are distortion free and pictures are with superior quality and details. Protections against Voltage fluctuation, weather fluctuation are also provided. There are built-in games for more entertainment.

Thus, this list with the best sellers LG Electronics of 2017 showcased various features and technologies included in their TVs, about which a buyer has to pay attention so as to compare various other TVs and buy one that suits one’s needs.