Top 10 Best Selling LG 4K TVs in The World

Take a look at the list of Top 10 Best Selling LG 4K TVs in The World in 2017. South Korean firm LG, has been delivering great technology and innovation in electronics since long time. It is vastly popular around the globe. It’s television segment has also seen leaps with the advent of new technologies. The new hype in the market, 4K technology is brought by the company in its all new range of LED TVs.

This list presents the best sellers in 4K LED TVs by LG which have found great success in market.

List of Top 10 Best Selling LG 4K TVs in The World in 2017

10. LG 55UF6800 :

LG 55UF6800 Best Selling LG 4K TVs 2018

This television hosts an IPS panel with 3840 X 2160 pixels resolution to deliver 4K Ultra HD images powered by Tru-4K engine to upscale any images to 4K Ultra HD. Dynamic contrast enhancer and color enhancers give striking and realistic images. The sound out is very impressive too. Action can be viewed in very natural detail with Trumotion engine for the display with refresh rate 120 Hz. Smart TV functionality is enabled with webOS 2.0 that lets the user to surf Internet via TV and access huge collection of movies, shows and stream them in True 4K Ultra HD resolution. This television has found its place in the list for its great performance at the price of about $ 650.

9. LG 55UF7600 :

LG 55UF7600 Best Selling LG 4K TVs 2016

This 4K UHD smart LED TV from LG Electronics embedded with Tru-4K engine converts standard HD or SD resolution to 4K Ultra High definition images that are rich in color, sharpness, clarity, crispness and seem very much life like. This television sports an IPS panel display with about 8 million individual pixels that are beautified by the incredible Tru 4K engine. Fast pace motion is astonishing with dramatic detail in view; Thanks to the TruMotion engine for a frame rate of 120 Hz. Smart remote control is also provided with the TV. Local dimming technology is also built in to enhance the quality of pictures. WebOS 2.0 powers smart functionality and access to Internet for unlimited entertainment.

8. LG 49UF6400 :

LG 49UF6400 Best Selling LG 4K TVs 2016

Very elegantl, slim design of this television is very impressive just like it’s incredible picture quality of 4K Ultra HD with superior upscaling technology. It sports an IPS panel display for rich quality pictures with a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels. Having an effective refresh rate of 120 Hz, the embedded Trumotion Control systems stream Motion with incredible detail. The sound output is great too. WebOS 2.0 enables access to Internet to provide endless entertainment.

7. LG 49UF6700 :

LG 49UF6700 Best Selling LG 4K TVs 2017

A TV that delivers incredible picture quality at four times greater resolution than standard High Definition with about 8 million individual pixels in the view. The Tru-4k engine processes images to deliver stunning 4K Ultra HD images for a 49 inches display. Natural Color engine helps in rendering natural and vibrant colors. Tru Black control adds depth to the images to bring out even the little details into life. This television is energy efficient and priced at about very affordable $ 540.

6. LG 55UF6450 :

LG 55UF6450 Best Selling LG 4K TVs 2017

This television has an IPS panel display with about 8.3 million pixels to render an astounding 4K Ultra HD experience. Very crisp, sharp and clear images are shown in this television with very dramatic details. Tru Motion Control engine for the display with a frame rate of 120 Hz, streams action sequences very efficiently. Smart functionality is enabled which gives access to a vast collection of media and easy surfing of Internet. Three HDMI inputs are provided for better connectivity options. This device has a great blend of incredible picture and remarkable sound and is priced at about $ 849.

5. LG 49UH6500 :

LG 49UH6500 Best Selling LG 4K TVs 2016

For any video content, an exceptional clarity with realistic color and detail is rendered by this television sporting 49 inch IPS panel display. Of about 8.3 million individual pixels add to the incredible picture quality enhanced by Tru-4k engine. Even the small details are redefined with dynamic contrast and depth enhancer. Amazing Dolby sound systems are embedded that enrich the viewing experience. WebOS 3.0 is provided for smart functionality, making television viewing more interactive and fun. It is priced at about $ 697 that is an unbeatable price for the value.

4. LG 55UH6150 :

LG 55UH6150 Best Selling LG 4K TVs 2017

This television by LG electronics sports an IPS display of 55 inches with a resolution 3840 X 2160 pixels, that delivers precise details with incredible picture quality. The clarity, sharpness and crispness of the images produced for 4K Ultra HD with HDR pro view are striking. Anything to be streamed is upscaled by UHD mastering engine and Tru Motion Control engine. Priced at about $ 797, this television offers an access to huge collection of movies, apps, games, shows and many more with its WebOS 3.0.

3. LG 49UH6100 :

LG 49UH6100 Best Selling LG 4K TVs 2018

Powered by HDR Pro, 4K Ultra HD viewing has taken a leap in this television with an IPS panel of 49 inches. The images rendered are in pure, natural color with rich contract and depth for realistic detailing. The motion streaming seems great with Trumotion control technology. WebOS 3.0 makes smart functionality very simple, yet interactive and entertaining. Three HDMI ports have also been provided for better connectivity. This 4K TV that gives stunning picture quality and great sound, is priced at about $ 597.

2. LG 55UH7700 :

LG 55UH7700 Best Selling LG 4K TVs 2018

This series features LG’s Super UHD LED Tvs and this particular bestseller has a 55 inches IPS display that delivers pictures with enhanced color, depth and high contrast like never before. Over a billion rich colors, it’s pictures are visual treat for the user as it is powered by High dynamic Range plus Dolby Vision for seamless streaming of action with naturalistic details. WebOS 3.0 makes smart functionality simple to stream online videos and movies in 4K Super Ultra HD resolution. The device supports magic remote, magic mobile connection and magic zoom features making the viewing experience amazing. This brilliant television is priced at about $ 1797.

1. LG 55UH8500 :

LG 55UH8500 Best Selling LG 4K TVs 2017

An exceptional, incredible and stunning picture quality is rendered by this 4K Super Ultra HD TV from LG electronics. The IPS panel display has a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels with a refresh rate of 240 Hz. Any media content is upscaled to 4K by Super mastering engine that also renders 3D cinema viewing in 4K detail. The pictures are rich in contrast and depth for better, natural detailing being powered by HDR and Dolby Vision. The billion colors provide very vibrant, vivid yet natural color transitions. Action sequences are streamed in great detail and precision with TruMotion control technology. Smart functionality is enabled by WebOS 3.0 for unlimited access to entertainment.

All these 4K TVs by LG electronics are incredible value for price. The 4K UHD quality is very high with very life like images produced by it. These best sellers have been loved by the customers and have got highly acclaimed for their performance.