Top 10 Best Selling LED TVs in The World

Here we are discussing about the list of Top 10 Best Selling LED TV in The world in 2017. What started as a huge box, got into the swirl of revolution and now we witness the more advanced form of television. The pictures in the television now look more lively than ever before. More crisper, sharper motion pictures with some advanced immersive experience, we now have found a big leap in television technology.

In the recent past, Led televisions have made big news in electronics. Now, these have set the standards for viewing experience. The LED TV’s give high definition pictures with less dimming view from all the angles. These TVs are not much expensive and are very durable too. LED screens are also available in wide ranges to fit one’s comfort. The LED screens are said to be better than LCD screens for better image quality and high resolution vowing from all the angles which is not possible in LCD.

Here we have the list of top 10 best selling LED TVs in the world in 2017.

10. SHARP LC-32LB370U :

SHARP LC-32LB370U Best Selling LED TVs 2017

SHARP have been producing good TVs since decades and this LED TV has been their bestseller. The TV sports a 32 inch display with a resolution of 1080 pixels to render High definition picture quality. The dimensions of the TV is quite compact and the design is very sleek to make it handy. The price is about $ 187, and the device has got great appreciation from the customers.

9. LG 32LF500B :

LG 32LF500B Best Selling LED TVs 2016

LG from South Korea are known for some good home appliances and electronics. This TV from LG has an 80 centimeters IPS panel display. The video resolution is full HD that gives life-like pictures. It offers a wide viewing angle and HDMI and USB connectivity also. Each pixel is beautified for delivering best in class, standard HD videos and pictures, which makes this device one of the best sellers around the globe.

8. SAMSUNG UN32J5003 :

SAMSUNG UN32J5003 Best Selling LED TVs 2018

This television from Samsung, is one amongst their best LED TVs. It offers a great HD resolution for sharper and crisper image quality. The design is very impressive that makes the TV to fit in compact places too. The Edge lit LED display gives better, sharper images from sides. Although the TV doesn’t offer smart functionality, the product has got good reviews around the world and it’s price is worth paying for the quality that renders at the price of about $200.

7. VIZIO D39hn-D0 :

VIZIO D39hn-D0 Best Selling LED TVs 2018

It is also a big name in TV manufacturing, and this particular D – series has very modern design where Full array LED design is sported that gives stunning pictured from all the angles. The design is very impressive as the 39 inch display offers Full HD pictures and an easy to use smart TV. The outstanding refresh rate of the frames is 120 Hz and the product is great, making it unbeatable for its price about $228.

6. SAMSUNG 32J5205 :

SAMSUNG 32J5205 Best Selling LED TVs 2017

This device promises enriched colors and clear moving picture with its good refresh rate and resolution. The display is Full HD of 1080 pixels resolution. There is a built in DTS premium sound that expands the immersive Television viewing experience. This standard 32 inch smart TV is a good value for money with access to USB port and HDMI port made possible.


SONY BRAVIA 48 inch LED TV Best Selling LED TVs 2018

This television from Sony offers incredible picture quality and amazing sound for a better viewing experience. The TV is very sleek and slim that boasts of a Full HD display of 1080 pixels resolution. The Edge LED system boosts contrast, giving stunning details in every frame. The smart TV is enabled to stream thousands of streaming channels for top notch entertainment.

4. SAMSUNG UN49K6250 :

SAMSUNG UN49K6250 Best Selling LED TVs 2016

Yet another television device from Samsung has been the best seller and appreciated television. This UN49K6250 model is very recently launched that has a 49 inches curved display that is the new cool in the recent days. The curved display enhances the viewing experience with a wider, panoramic view being possible. The device is Smart, that streams many features online, which is made better with the Full HD display of 1080 pixels. The device is priced at about $697,which is affordable for its class and quality.

3. VIZIO D43 D1 :

VIZIO D43 D1 Best Selling LED TVs 2017

This TV from VIZIO has been a great product for the value, unlike it’s competitors from world’s other big TV manufacturers. This device sports a 43 inch big display with a Full array of LED back lighting that adds contrast even at the edges. Thus, very high quality pictures are obtained which look seamlessly beautiful in every angle. It is priced at about $ 328, which is also capable of streaming YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and many other online sources for endless entertainment.

2. TCL 40FS3800 :

TCL 40FS3800 Best Selling LED TVs 2017

TCL is one of the big names in TV manufacturing. In association with America’s Roku, one of the most popular streaming services, TCL have come up with a TV or better be called a Smart TV, with an easy interface, which hosts about 2500 streaming channels for various genres. The 40 inches display offers a vivid and crisper picture quality. The design is very elegant and sleek. This particular TV has been renowned for its great quality at lower price of $ 218.

1. TCL 32S3800 :

TCL 32S3800 Best Selling LED TVs 2016

One more TV of TCL, made in association with Roku has very simplified Smart TV experience for better use. The modern technology and design of this TV is very impressive, which sports a 32 inches full array LED display of 720 pixies resolution, with a native refresh rate. This TV has been appreciated by many franchises and is renowned as most recommended TV for the year.

With some tremendous developments happening day by day in the field of Television, it is always difficult for the customer to choose from. All these TVs have been appreciate by the customers and critics for their performance. Thus, with this list of best sellers, it is possible to buy a more suited, best in class TV for their budget.