Top 10 Best Selling 4K TVs in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling 4K TVs in The World in 2017. With 4K TV viewing experience being the present trend, we have numerous products in the market. But, few televisions are stand out in the segment for the technology they offer at very reasonable price. The four times higher picture quality than standard HD in these LED TVs seem so life like and realistic. Each detail is very natural and the colors are very rich too.

Here is a list of 4K TVs that have set a trend and become very popular among customers, which offer the best technology at a great price.

List of Top 10 Best Selling 4K TVs in The World in 2017

10. Hisense 65H7B2 4K Ultra HD TV :

Hisense 65H7B2 4K Ultra HD TV Best Selling 4K TVs 2016

This TV offers an incredible 4K experience with pictures of astounding clarity and sharpness. The LED panel display features a 2160 pixels resolution that are crafted to deliver vibrant images in every frame. The Smart functionality is enabled, with WiFi and ethernet features in built. The design is very sleek and the TV is very light and compact. This delivers incredible quality for an unbeatable price and is seen great success in the television market.

9. Seiki SE42UMS :

Seiki SE42UMS Best Selling 4K TVs 2017

A 42 inches screen that has about 8 million individual pixels for a resolution 3840 X 2160, delivers pictures that are of high quality and seem very realistic, lifelike. The combination of incredible picture in 4K UHD with amazing surround sound makes this television a great product from Seiki. In a frame, each pixel renders a picture that is rich in color, contrast, brightness and everything to make the picture stunning. Priced at about $ 329,this is a great product is value for the price.

8. Sceptre 49 inches 4K UHD TV :

Sceptre 49 inches 4K UHD TV Best Selling 4K TVs 2016

In this TV from Sceptre, the 4K Ultra HD technology is so incredible that images pop up in the screen with stunning detail, clarity and vibrance. The 3840 X 2160 Ultra HD panel has about 8 million pixels that illuminator connectivity for streaming of media and online contents too. It costs about $ 368 and for an unparalleled color and clarity brilliance it offers in 4K UHD, it is a great value too.

7. TCL 65U55800 4K UHD LED TV :

TCL 65U55800 4K UHD LED TV Best Selling 4K TVs 2017

TCL, being one of the biggest sellers of television in the world, in association with America’s popular streaming service, Roku has developed this smart, brillant 4K UHD TV. A 65 inches display has Full array LED back lighting system that produces some incredible pictures with stunning details and clarity. The display has a frame rate of 120 Hz powered by Clear Motion Index for fluid motion details. The online streaming service in 4K UHD showcase endless entertainment with the TV priced at about $ 1404.

6. VIZIO D40u – D1 :

VIZIO D40u - D1 Best Selling 4K TVs 2018

The incredible 4K experience is delivered by this TV with about 8.3 million individual pixels. The LED display has Full array LED back lighting with a Spatial Scaling Engine that upscales and redefines the 4K Ultra High Deifinition viewing. There is a dynamic auto depth control system to bring even the little details to life. The Vizio Internet apps plus is enabled to browse several online streaming channels and favorite apps.

5. SONY XBR75X850D :

SONY XBR75X850D Best Selling 4K TVs 2016

This 4K television by Sony Corporation delivers an unequaled picture quality with rich detail and colors. In each frame, picture quality is much beyond 4K UHD, with the new X1 engine that refines pictures. Processing is such that everything to be streamed is upscaled to 4K by Sony’s incredible X-Reality Pro technology. Motion Flow XR 960 makes Fasr paced motion look incredible. The remarkable sound output enhances the immersive experience. The Precision Color mapping technology brings out vivid colors that look very realistic. The TV is priced at about $1398, and is a perfect value for money.

4. LG 43UH6100 :

LG 43UH6100 Best Selling 4K TVs 2017

This television from LG corporation, gives an astonishing and amazing picture quality with 4K UHD powered by High Dynamic Range pro view. Each detail looks very rich, vivid and vibrant with its IPS LED panel of 43 inches with a frame rate of 120 Hz that streams action seamlessly. True, natural color is delivered at any angle of view in this television. Smart functionality is enabled with webOS 3.0 to surf Internet. 43UH6100 is priced at about $ 497, for which it seems of great worth.

3. Sony XBR55X810C :

Sony XBR55X810C Best Selling 4K TVs 2018

This television with 55 inches, delivers a picture quality that looks very realistic. As a result of being powered by new X1 engine and embedded with Dynamic contrast enhancer, Precision Color mapping and source based upscaling, a picture with natural color transitions is obtained that seems like a look through a window. It is compatible with PS3 for better gaming experiences. A price of $ 998 is very worth paying for this television that offers limitless, top notch entertainment.

2. VIZIO M43-C1 :

VIZIO M43-C1 Best Selling 4K TVs 2017

A television that offers breathtaking details in each frame with rich, vivid colors and wide range of contrast and brightness. A Full Array LED lighting with 28 LED zones give superior quality pictures. The 8.3million individual pixels render stunning details in addition with spatial scaling engine for incredible 4K UHD viewing. A Clear action 360 technology for a display with refresh rate of 120 Hz, renders very natural fast paced motions with dramatic detailing. This TV is a great value for the price and stands out among its competitors in its segment.

1. Samsung UN55JS7000 :

Samsung UN55JS7000 Best Selling 4K TVs 2018

This television from Samsung redefines TV viewing experience with 4K SUHD technology. There is highly expanded color range with Nano Crystal technology that delivers a picture detail so life like. The action scenes seem very natural with 120 Hz refresh rate and fluid motion technology. The design is thin and flat for the 55 inches TV. Online wireless streaming is enabled with access to movies, TV shows, music, games, apps with smart functionality enabled.

Every television, may it be from a big brand or less known brand, have been highly acclaimed by critics and are the best sellers in 2017, which have found great success in market.