Top 10 Largest Universities in The World

list of the largest Universities of World in 2015,2016,2017, Top 10 biggest universities of the world.

Top 10 biggest universities 2017: When we heard of the word ‘university’, most of us think about major institutions which is either in the United States or in Europe. Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Princeton, and Cambridge are the renowned example of university establishment which we ever heard. But the report shows that in term of enrollment, most of the best universities are located out side of Europe and America.

Presenting the list of the largest Universities of World in 2017

Education plays a king size role in developing the economy of any nation on this world. And so we made an attempt to know which are those Universities and Colleges of the world which made their place in biggest Universities in year 2017.

The following list of ten largest universities in the world according to enrollment numbers

1. Indira Gandhi National Open University, India : Indira Gandhi National Open University, India which is renowned as IGNOU, established in 1985. This is on-campus and distance learning university,. Not only the on-campus and distance learning university, IGNOU is also well known open university in India. The university serves students thirty-five countries and it has 21 schools and 2300 study centers. According to survey it takes the 1st position among the top 10 largest universities 2017.

Indira Gandhi National Open University, Largest Universities in The World

2. Anadolu University: Taking the 2nd position, this Turkish university has a vast network in all over the world. There are the three distance learning programs, four vocational schools, nine institutes, seven schools, and twenty-eight research centers and also two campuses under this university. Apart from this, this university has more than 1,800 faculty members.

Top 10 biggest university, Anadolu

3. Islamic Azad University, Iran: This is the other Iranian university on this list is situated in Tehran and founded in 1982. This university has several branches in all over the Tehran, including the south, north and central Tehran with more than 1,900,000s from all over the globe. The highest body of the university is the Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution, which is also the main responsible for higher education in Iran. There various types of faculty are found including science, art, agriculture, medicine, technology etc. Due to this reason, student from all over the world is attracted by the university.

Islamic Azad university, largest univercity of world

4. Allama Iqbal Open University: Being the first open university in Asia, Allama Iqbal Open University, which is also known as AIOU, made its most important campus in Islamabad and it has the biggest network of study center in all over the nation. The Allama Iqbal Open University also has distance education facilities and has also more than 900 faculty members. Now this is in 4th position.

World's biggest university, Allama Iqbal Open University

5. Bangladesh National University, Bangladesh: This university provides both graduate and post-graduate level of education in over 1,600 colleges in all over the country which are affiliated by National University. The university is operated by the Bangladesh Government. According to the survey More than one million students are enrolled in this university.

Bangladesh National University worlds largest university

6. Payame Noor University, Iran — 818, 150 students : Due to the large population of student, Payme Noor University takes the 6th position among the top 10 biggest/largest universities 2017. This university is situated in Teheran, Iran. Home of around 818, 150 students, Payame Noor University was founded in 1988 and this is run by Islamic republic of Iran. There are lots of departments in this University, such as Social science and economy, Human Science, Art & Media and Theology, Agriculture and Islamic Studies.

Worlds top 10 university, Payame Noor University

7. Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia: The Universitas Terbuka is in seventh position, situated in Indonesia. The university was founded in 1984, now the home of six-hundred and fifty thousand students. This educational center has a unique aim that within 2021 it wants to become a world-top Distance Learning University. That’s why, there is also a strong importance put within the university on independent learning within the university.

Universitas Terbuka, World's largest university

8. Ramkhamhaeng University: Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok, Thailand is the 7th largest university of the world. It has two big campuses and also has two open universities in Thailand. It focuses on the developing a unique program by which they can reach urban and rural students in Thailand. Not only that, this university also develops other unique program by which they can exchange the information or detail with all other universities.

Ramkhamhaeng university, biggest university

9. Tribhuvan University, Nepal — 500, 000 students : Taking the 9th position, the main campus of Tribhuvan University located in Kitipur a small town in Nepal. This is first higher education institution in Nepal, founded in 1959. According to the recent survey, presently this university has more than five hundred thousand students. It has thirty-eight central departments and also four researches centers. This university offer both graduate and post graduate degree to the student

Tribhuvan university, world's top 10 university

10. University of Pune, India — 493, 531 students : In term of enrollment of the student, The University of Pune takes the tenth position among the world university. This university has more than five hundred thousand students and it was founded in 1949. Presently, this university offers more than four hundred course in diverse disciplines at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. The two main faculties are Anthropology and Electronic Science, with many subcategories.

World's top 10 university 2015-2016, university of Pune

Top 10 biggest/largest universities and colleges of the world in 2015,2016,2017.

Interestingly, the top ten largest colleges in the world by enrollment are largely based outside of the U.S. and Europe, meaning that there is a wide range of top-class universities frequently ignored by the Western world. This list compiles ten such colleges.

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