Top 10 Most Expensive Universities in The Philippines

Top 10 Most Expensive Universities in The Philippines in 2017, Philippines country’s most expensive and most affordable Universities.

Study with Luxury: in the best university in Philippine : We all know that Philippine is well known for the best universities in the world. Students from many countries come to the place for having the best education in this country. The universities of Philippine are really good and they always try to provide the best education system to the students. The main thing about the University is that they always try to give the most advanced education so that the students stay up to date. Though the education fees are expensive yet the students always want to get into these universities and the reason is that if they once get the chance to study here then they will have a great future.

List of top 10 most expensive University in Philippines in 2017

Philippines itself is one of the beautiful destinations of the world and also a home to some of the most expensive colleges of the world. If there is any plan in your mind to get admission in the best as well as expensive colleges of Philippines then do read below the names of the 10 Universities.

Below here is the list of best and the most expensive universities in Philippines. They are really good and provide the best education to their students so that they can have a good future.

1. Ateneo de Manila University- The University is situated in Quezon City. It is one of the most expensive universities. The education system they provide is very modern and hence they try to give the latest and the updated education to the students. They also have hostel facilities.

Ateneo de Manila University, Most Expensive Universities in The Philippines

2. University of Asia and Pacific- The university is located in the city named Pasig in Philippine. The students whom this university gives chance are sound in technical field. They students have to give an admission test before they want to enter into the University. This test is really tough to crack. The university also provides other facilities like accommodation and meals to the students.

3. De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde- The great University in Manila is very famous among the top universities in the world. They give the best education and their technique of providing the education is quite different. The students who have passed out form this university gave a good review.

4. De La Salle University-Manila- Another university presents in Manila is this university. The students have to give an entry test before they get the admission in the university. The campus of the University is also very big and the students like to study there. The admission test which the students have to crack is really tough.

5. Asia Pacific college- The University is present in Makati. The University is very big and they provide an excellent accommodation to the students. The rooms are very big and they allow only two persons to stay in one room so that the students can stay in luxury and they don’t feel any discomfort. The education system is also very good.

Asia Pacific college, Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges and Universities in Philippines

6. Assumption College- In Worcestor Massachusetts this college is located. The college is very famous for its excellent education system. This college also gives extra help to the students who needs and for this they don’t take any extra money. Apart from the studies this university also participates in other curriculum activities which encourage the students.

7. Mapua Institute of Technology- It is an Engineering institution. The fees are really high but they give the excellent placement to the students who passed out from the institution. They also give hostel facilities to the students and the rooms of the hostels are very big and comfortable too.

8. San Beda College- In Manila there is another good university who provide with the best education to the students. In this University all types of subjects are taught and thus students from any field can study in this University. They did not provide the meal to the students.

9. Far Eastern University-East Asia College- The campus of the college is very good. The students need to be really talented who want to get the education from this University. The University is located in Manila. The hostels which the university has are the most luxurious hostels. You can get all the modern facilities there.

10. Far Eastern University- In Manila the University is located. The University provides only the accommodation facility to the outside students. They have an excellent cafeteria inside the university where the cost of the food is less than the outside. The education system is very good in the University.

Far Eastern University, Philippines country's most expensive and most affordable Universities

These are the best universities in Philippines. They have really good name among the other universities. Get in touch with the Universities for getting more and better information.