Top 10 Cheapest Online colleges in The World

Top 10 Cheapest Online Colleges in the world in 2017, most famous online colleges.

People who are fond of best online colleges may find the below list very useful and they can complete their education as per their desire and comfort. These online colleges provides best and quality of education at cheap rate. Along with this, online education also saves, transport cost, commuting and other costs.

List of top 10 cheapest online colleges 2017:

Online colleges are the best options for people who are working and wish to gain higher degree to get promotions and opportunity that are restricted by lack of adequate degree. We have prepared a list of finest cheapest colleges.

1. Western Governors University: – Western Governors University is a best and cheapest online college that provides bachelors and masters degree to working adults. People just need to fill the application form and schedule an interview. It offers degrees like various sections like marketing, mathematics, science, interdisciplinary studies, Information Technology along with Health professional degrees.

Western Governors University, cheapest online colleges

2. University of Wyoming: – University of Wyoming is another best online cheapest college that provides bachelor and masters degree to its students. It is highly suitable for remote and working professionals who cannot attend classes regularly. They can avail degrees like Business Administrations, RN or BSN, Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Elementary education within the comfort of their home and continue their job. Its tuition fee varies as people out of Wyoming State pay $152 and residents pay $106 per credit hour.

3. Walden University: – Walden University is popular for providing some of the unique degrees at cheap rate. It is highly dedicated for members of military and it takes around four years to complete a degree, as it works on quarterly system. Degrees provided here are Forensic Psychology, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Nursing, Healthcare Management, Child Development and Health Studies. All these degrees are available at most affordable and cheapest rate.

4. Oregon State University ECampus: – People who are looking for some new and unusual degrees like Agricultural Science, Economics, German, Anthropology, Liberal Studies, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, Computer Science along with other degrees from this online college. This institute is dedicated for research and providing several professional degrees to students and working adults. It charges tuition fee of $260 per credit that includes other distance education fee.

5. Fort Hays State University: – Fort Hays State University is a suitable cheapest online university that is located at Kansas and is a suitable virtual college for everyone. It has around 8,000 students, provides them best education, and required degree. Its basic requirement is ACT score of 21 or a comparable SAT score. Degrees provided at this online college are Information Networking, Business Education, Justice Studies, Hospitality Management, Philosophy, Sociology and Telecommunications. The tuition charges here is $4,233 per year.

6. Capella University: – Capella University is another amazing cheapest and affordable online college that is decent place for students who can get a desired degree from the comfort of their home. Selection in this college is based on prior education and experience. Degrees available here are Health Care and Nursing, Business, Psychology, Technology, Counseling and Public Service. Along with these degrees, students can also attain the degrees of doctorates and masters as per their desire. The tuition fee is $13,000.

7. Columbia College: – Columbia College charge $240 per credit hour and is the cheapest online college for people who are looking for a degree at the comfort of home. It offers around 23 online degrees and applications can opt for ACT or SAT I, as students above the average of 50th percentile are accepted for admission. Some of its popular degrees are Business Administration, Criminal Justice Administration, Human Services, Computer Information Systems, General Studies, History, Management Information Systems, Psychology and Sociology.

8. Herzing University: – Another cheapest online college in this list is Herzing University. It offers degrees in several areas and is one of the finest online colleges for higher education. Popular degrees provided here are Nursing, Health Information Management, Technology programs, Entrepreneurial Studies, Accounting and Legal Studies specializations. Its Annual tuition charges are $11,150.

9. American InterContinental University: – American InterContinental University offers several accredited undergraduate degrees and is one of the finest online colleges whose tuition fee is $8,000 per year and a total is $36,000. Online degrees provides at this college in various specializations are Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Healthcare Management, Business Administration, Retail, Fashion Design and Interior Design

10. Colorado Technical University: – Colorado Technical University is last in the list and is another cheapest online college for people who wish to enjoy online degree to enhance his personal and professional position. It has an easy application procedure where any student can apply with an online fee and get admission.

Thus, the list provided above is a great help to students who wish to continue their education along with their profession at the comfort of their home.