Top 10 Cheapest Stocks in The World

Top 10 cheapest stocks in the world in 2017, Cheapest Stocks of Large Growing Companies.

Today we can find huge numbers of people who are interested about investing in the stock market. They always look for the most profitable sectors. Among all the sectors, health care sector has become relatively more profitable than other sectors. There are many stocks which can be bought by the investors at a cheap price but the return is extremely satisfactory.

List of Top 10 cheapest stocks in the world in 2017

So, the investors who are always willing to look to have the cheapest stock in the market should go through the list below.

1. Capnia INC: The company is a famous name in medical specialties. The company is in California. The stock of this company is enlisted with NASDAQ. The per share price of this company is just $ 6.50 for total number of shares offered are 1650000. At present there is a downfall in the market price by 38%

Capnia INC, Cheapest Stocks in the world

2. Anthera Pharmaceuticals INC: At present the share value of Anthera Pharmaceuticals INC is up by 2.54%. This is one of the famous bio pharmaceuticals company. The main focus of this company is to modernize the health care products required for inflammation etc. The official price of this share is $ 8.21 before it enhanced by 2.54%

3. Semler Scientific INC; we can observe a noticeable growth in the sale price of Semler Scientific INC by 6.74 %. This is one of the famous medical risk assessment companies. This company produces various products specially for monitoring patients in all types of chronic diseases. The share price of this company is below $10.

4. Egalet Corpo. : Another cheapest stock where an investor can invest is Egalet Corp. This company is facing a price rise by 1.61%. This company is doing successful business as producer of pain medicines. In the field of pharmaceuticals, Egalet Corp has become a top listed name. This company is running in profit and investors can try to invest here.

5. Eagle Pharmaceuticals INC: The current share price of Eagle Pharmaceuticals is $81.51. This share price is up by 9.03%. Eagle Pharmaceuticals INC is a renowned name in the field of pharmaceuticals. This company produces injectable medicines. Investors can surely look for investing here in this company to earn a good dividend.

6. Foundation Medicine ; in the field of biotechnology a famous name is Foundation Medicine INC. This company is a successful provider of medicines for the cancer patients. This company is also doing well in the stock market. At present this stock has a value of $ 33.10. Once any investor invest in this share will surely get huge return at the end.

7. Cellular Bio-medicine Group INC: This is another renowned and successful company in the field of biotechnology. This agency has made it possible to treat caner patients with modern technologies so that they can live more. This company has a share value of $35.36. Recently we can observe a downfall in the market price of the share of this company by 4.95 %. There is an expected total return in 3 years is 249% which is really nice for all the investors.

8. Curis INC; Curist INC is having a rise in the share price by 4.72 %. This company has a share price of $3.33 which really cheap for the buyers to buy share in this company. This is a company which has developed the drug technology so that more life saving medicines can be invented. Their technology has made it easy to invent helpful medicines for the cancer patients.

9. Apricus Biosciences INC: The company was founded in the year 1987 for developing more advanced medicines for urology and rheumatology. In the NASDAQ, we can observe a rise in the stock market by 1.08 %. The company has earned a revenue of $7 .4 billion in the first month of 2014. The share price of this company is $ 1.87.

10. Echo Therapeutics INC: The present market price of the share of this famous company is $ 1.78. Here we can observe a downfall by 1.11 %. This company has gained huge reputation as medical specialists.

Hence, from the above we can observe top 10 cheapest shares which are doing really well in the stock market. People can easily invest in this shares to earn a nice profit.