Top 10 Hottest And Highest Paying Jobs in Philippines

Top 10 hottest, most popular and sexiest jobs in the Philippines in 2017, Highest Paying Jobs In The Philippines.

Philippines is a place known for the beautiful women and attractive opportunity. It is a wonderful place to live. With less population and high earning opportunities, Philippines is constantly moving ahead in terms of development. You can see all the modern facilities and comforts in Philippines.

Presenting the list of highest paying and most popular jobs in the land of Philippines

There are many multinational companies here which provide the best quality and high paying jobs to the deserving candidates. It is obvious that with your experience, your salary increases. There are many jobs in Philippines which offer spectacular salary in various fields. For new comers there are many ways to earn in Philippines. The top 10 highest paying jobs for newcomers are mentioned here.

1. IT/Computer Software: This is the most paid field in Philippines. For a newcomer who is just searching a job after his graduation degree or any equivalent degree then IT/Computer Software is the best place for them. If anyone has a previous knowledge or experience about the IT background or any software knowledge then it can be a matter of huge advantage for him. The average salary in this sector for a new job seeker is about 37,784 PHP.

IT- Computer, Hottest And Highest Paying Jobs in Philippines

2. IT/Computer Network/ Database Administrator: The highest paid sector after the IT/Computer Software is IT/Computer Network/ Database Administrator. It can really pay you a handsome salary in comparison to other technical sectors if you are a new comer. The job is all about the computer networking and managing the database. The average salary one can expect here is about 33,029 PHP.

3. Law/Legal Services: Law and Legal Services are never out of demand anywhere. Whether it is Philippines or it is U.S.A, the legal services are one of the most wanted services. People face various legal and law related issues every day. They can only be solved in the court by doing a consultancy with the legal advisor. If anyone has a good knowledge and degree related to law and legal services, he can easily earn an average income of 27,033 PHP per month.

4. Actuarial Science/Statistics: These sectors are also advantageous for the new comers. You can get a proper job training here and can be appointed as an employee in many big companies. It is also one of the most paying jobs in Philippines. Young candidates having a good realistic and theoretical knowledge about the sector can easily earn about 27,032 PHP monthly.

5. Engineering-Electronics/communications: It is the most demanded service everywhere. In the daily life, people use hundreds of engineering and electronics based things. From bathing shower to fast running vehicles, everything is an example of fine engineering and electronics. If you have the practical and theoretical knowledge about this field, then there are many small and big companies are available for you which can pay up to 26,379 PHP per month.

6. Public relations/Communications: Public relation and communication jobs are always good and effective for the business growth. The more you meet and talk to the people and advertise the company services, the more development you can expect for the company as well as your career. Such jobs can pay you 25,153 PHP per month.

7. Technical and Helpdesk Support: This is completely a non-creative job but you can have a good career start over here. You have to handle the company clients and service users by providing the technical and helpdesk support. This is a complete sitting job which needs only the communication skills. You can expect a monthly income of 25,078 PHP here.

8. Sales-Telesales/Telemarketing: Sales and marketing are the oldest forms of business management. Any business needs many guys for the sales and marketing department. If you have the ability to talk nice with people and convince them to use the company service, then the job is all yours. You can get around 24,400 PHP from here per month.

9. Training and Development: This is also a decent quality job. It pays you an average earning of 23,762 per month. You can do this job to support yourself or your family at initial condition. After some experience and income you can definitely choose some better job for yourself.

10. Customer Service: This is the most common jobs done by the fresher and new comers. This job pays you an average salary for which you have to entertain the company clients over the calls and messages. You should have proper knowledge about the company services and also a good communication skill.

These were the highest paying jobs available to new comers in Philippines. If anyone has the potential, he can easily enter to any of these jobs and help his financial condition.