Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA

Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs In The USA in 2017, USA’s Best Paying Jobs.

People who do not have enough money for their leisure, then it seem that they may be in a wrong profession as per their skills and talent. Therefore, selecting the right profession is required to earn some handsome salary in USA. There are several professions that provides attractive salary, the below list of professions makes the life easy of an individual to pick the highly paid professions in their life and earn highest salary. Thus, picking the right profession largely decides the average salary that you will take away. Pick the right profession if possible from the below provided list, as they are the highest paid professions in USA.

List of top 10 highest paid jobs in USA in 2017:

Below is the list of all the highly paid professions in USA. People can select any as per their area of interest and earn highest payment for their service.

1. Airline Pilots, Co-Pilots and Flight Engineers: – The pilots enjoy various benefits along with their annual salary of $129,600. Although they have to dedicate a time of 6 years in their training, but after that they get highest paid for their service. Thus, in order to opt for this profession people have to posses good physique and a bachelor degree.

Airline Pilots, Co-Pilots and Flight Engineers, Highest Paying Jobs in USA

2. Lawyers: – Lawyers in USA earn and handsome salary of $131,990 annually and total training time takes is 7 years to be a successful lawyer. These lawyers work for various government organizations and industries, they are in high demand. The major attributes of these lawyers are that they are able to speck in front of mass and can think over an issue quickly.

3. Computer & Information System Managers: – Computer & Information System Managers are able to earn an annual income of $132,570 and after successfully completing a training period of 4 years. These professional plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning of all the systems in an organization. They are the first person to work on any IT issue and resolve the problem. They are known for their planning and implementing of IT strategies and ensure the smooth functioning of any organization.

4. Natural Sciences Manager: – These professional are known for their time management and splits the working time of scientist in office and lab. They supervise scientist in the fields like physics, chemistry and biology. Their annual income reaches to $132,850 after gaining an experience of 4 years. These professional get decent salary while working at state government office, aerospace industries and even for educational or insurance institutes.

5. Marketing Managers: – These managers have an opportunity to work in various industries, as they are associated with promotion of their business and products. They are highly paid in this industry; get an annual income of $133,700 after having an experience of 4years and above. The professional who works in oil and gas extracts earn an income of $176,860 annually. Thus, the annual income of these Marketing Managers depends on the industry where they are employed.

6. Architectural & Engineering Managers: – The basic average salary of Architectural & Engineering Managers depends on their experience, and after having an experience of 4 years and above, they are able to get an annual payment of $136,540. Although their position is not so respectable, still they earn a healthy lifestyle by working in various industries.

7. Petroleum Engineers: – The annual income of Petroleum Engineers is $149,180 and after few years of experience they are able to get an attractive salary that makes them find place in the list of top 10 professions in USA that provided high income.

8. Chief Executive Officers: – This is the highest paid job where professionals are able to fetch an annual income of $178,400. The salary of these professionals increase rapidly after gaining an experience of 6 and above years. In USA California has highest number of CEOs.

9. Dentists And Orthodontists: – The annual average income of Dentists And Orthodontists is $196,270. After gaining an experience of 8 years, they are able to earn heavy income and are involved in high-level treatment. As the number of Dentists is low in USA, their salary is high and is among the highest paid profession in this country.

10. Doctors And Surgeons: – Doctors And Surgeons are among the highly earning professionals and even in this profession, anesthesiologists are the one who takes away the highest salary of $234,950 annually. The average salary of anesthesiologists is $234,950 and after an experience of 11 years, they get highest salary.

Thus, people who are still deciding on the profession to choose, this list provides them guideline to make their decision and pick a carrier that will earn heavy income.

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