Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in The Philippines

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines in 2017, Highest-paying jobs for fresh graduates in Philippines.

There are various elements that plays vital role in deciding an interest of a gentleman towards a job. Salary matters a lot, as being the major factor that plays vital role in attracting jobseekers. As everyone desire to opt for the profession that provides highest salary, we have provided the list of top highest paid jobs in Philippines. There are jobs like IT, Software specialist, IT specialist, networking, Administration and medical specialists that are among the top highest paid jobs here. As per the annual report of highest paid jobs of, below are the major jobs. These organizations has emphasized on specializations and the type of skill and opportunity available in these specializations.

List of top 10 highest paying jobs in the Philippines in 2017

Fresher in the below provided jobs can get an attractive salary and as their experience increases, they will be able to get highest paid salaries. Below is the list of all the major and highest monthly paid jobs in Philippines.

1. IT/Computer – Software: – People at an entry level will be able to get a monthly salary of 37,784 PHP, as the experience increases the salary will be raised to 67,478 PHP and after reaching the administrative or managerial level the actual monthly salary can be obtained will be 100,838 PHP. As this is the highest paid job in this country, people mostly get attracted towards it.

IT Computer - Software, Highest Paying Jobs in The Philippines

2. IT/Computer Network/Database Administrator: – The range of salary in this profession is based on various levels, as the level increases the payment also increases. For the beginners, the average monthly salary is 33,029 PHP that further increases to 52,319 PHP respectively. After reaching higher position in an organization, people can drag a salary of 81,274 PHP per month.

3. Technical and Helpdesk Support: – The highest paid average monthly salary in Technical and Helpdesk Support in Philippines is 80,405 PHP and if people are at an introductory level then they can get something an average less than this salary. The jobs of this specialization are in great demand in Philippines and there is great job opportunity for teenagers to pick this profession and have a good start in their carrier.

4. Customer Service: – The highest paid salary for Customer Service is 76,538 PHP monthly and one can extract a handsome salary even at entry level and after having several years of experience. The variation in the salary ranges from 34,772 PHP to 76,538 PHP per month.

5. Architecture/Interior Design: – The requirement of Architecture/Interior Design is increasing every year and because of this, this profession is among the highest paid job and the jobseekers enjoys a pay of 68,616 PHP monthly.

6. Training and Development: – The highest paying that a job seeker can obtain from this job is an average of 67,380 PHP monthly and for fresher and people who are with only few years of experience can get an average salary of 23,762 PHP monthly.

7. Corporate Finance/Investment Merchant Banking: – Finance and Investment industry is experiencing great boom recently and employees here get highest salary monthly. The basic salary in this job varies from 21,000 to 66,362 PHP monthly.

8. Finance – General/Cost Accounting: – The highest salary in accounting job is 59,696 PHP and there is great opportunity for accounting students and CAs to get an attractive salary regardless of their experience and position.

9. Maintenance/Repair (Facilities and Machinery): – Requirement of best employees and engineers who are expert in Maintenance/Repair is required in every industry and thus, they get an attractive salary of 59,367 PHP if they are experienced and at a high position. Even the employees at entry level and with few years of experience are able to get attractive monthly salary.

10. Manufacturing Production Operations: – Operations and managerial profession is at a great boom and people prefer this profession to show their skills and expertise in managing and handling various tasks. As per the complexity of this specialization, this is among the highest salary paid list of in Philippines. The average monthly salary of these employees is 59,153 PHP.

The above listed specialization and the salaries that are paid can be used as a reason for appraisal and demand higher salary as compared to experience and skills. People of same specialization and almost same experience should get an average salary as listed above and they can find it as an average for their specialization. Thus, no matter what present condition is, compare the salary and select the profession that attracts an individual most.