Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

Australia’s Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs Per Hour in 2017, Best Paying Jobs in Australia.

The studies of NATSEM and AMP shows some positive results in the increase in salary as the time changes along with some positive sign in terms of efficiency and working time. This survey showed drastic change in the working culture and mentality of various professionals over time. During the year 1970 only 7% of the employees used to be professionals and the most population was of male. Women were less interested in professional jobs; however, there is a drastic change in these figures recently. Below is the list of professions that are highly paid and due to this, they are the first choice of everyone. In Australia, around 22% of the total workforce chooses to pick these professions due to their earning opportunities.

List of top 10 highest paid jobs in Australia in 2017

Below is the list of all popular and highest professions in Australia. People can extract the information of the salary and popularity of particular profession as per the percentage of working population showing their preference for these professions. One can review the outcome of the survey that was conducted on working force in Australia. The below list of professions shows that below professionals are able to earn an income more than $2,000 per week which results in an annual income greater than $104,000.

1. Anaesthetists: – Around 88.3% of the working population of this profession is able to gain an income greater than $2,000 per week. Thus, this profession is the highest paid profession in Australia.

Anaesthetists, Highest Paid Jobs in Australia

2. Surgeons: – They are next in the highest paid profession and an average population of 88% gets a salary above the targeted of $2,000 per week. Higher salaries are paid as per expertise and years of experience.

3. Psychiatrists: – Around 82% of working Psychiatrists professionals is able to earn an income of more than $2,000 per week. They also earn an additional income from their independent clinics.

4. Specialist Physicians: – Doctors are in high demand in Australia and specialist Physicians are able to earn high income. Almost 81.4% of these professionals are able to earn income greater than $2,000 per week.

5. Mining Engineers: – As the position and experience of these professionals, increase the amount of intake salary. Due to the heavy demand and complexity of this profession, around 75% of this working profession is able to gain a weekly package more than $2,000.

6. Other Medical Practioners: – Medical Practioners professionals in Australia are some of the professions that earn an annual income, which falls in the highest paid list. After several years of experience, the salary also increases drastically. Around 74.7% of this workforce is able to achieve the target salary of $104,000 annually and even much greater than it.

7. CEOs, GMs and Legislators: – People who are at the position of CEO, Legislators, and GM, around 74.3% of them are able to earn an annual income greater than $104,000 annually.

8. Dental Practitioners: – Several years back, this was among the lowest income professions and at present, this is among the highest paid profession as almost 71.9% of working people in this profession gets an annual salary greater than $104,000 yearly.

9. Medical Practitioners nfd: – Around 69.4% of Medical Practitioners nfd easily earns an annual salary greater than $104,000. They get salary as per their experience and expertise, as the level and specialty increases, the salary of an individual reach a drastic height.

10. Engineering Managers: – Professionals of this profession are among the high-income gainers in Australia and around 65.3% of them are able to earn high income than other professions. Although this is in the bottom of the list, still it is highly preferred profession in Australia.

Medical profession dominates most of the highest paid professions in Australia, however the income of other professions mentioned in the above list is not too much less, than various medical professions. Thus, it is never true that highest paid professions are meant for skilled professionals and low paid professions are meant for less skilled. However, as the non-professional profession is considered, shot firers, drilling staff and miners are among the highest paid professions and around 43.3% of the entire population gets an annual income more than $2,000 per week as compared to the above provided list of highest paid occupations.