Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in The World

The 10 highest-paying jobs for engineering majors in 2017, Highest Paid Engineering jobs.

Highest paying careers in all over the globe are found in the field of engineering. You can say that engineering is one of the most profitable fields.

Here is the list of top 10 highest paid Engineering jobs in 2017

10. Information technology –

Information technology is considered as the 10 th highest paying job in Engineering field. This is the most demanding field of Engineering. That’s why job growth is possibly higher than other. Expected salary of mid career $151,000.

Information technology Highest Paying Engineering Jobs 2018

27 Replies to “Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in The World”

  1. I am a qualified civil engineer (structural), therefore boldly say engineering especially civil has the highest pay. Whoever says there is no pay in the engineering field surely has mental problems…

  2. Degree has no scope…… Doesn’t matter what kind of degree u have but matter what’s u have in urs brain to deliver…. Talent and hard work that u made for earning degree……….if some one just got degree for earning then he ll find lot of difficulties to get job because so many others also waiting like him……for successful professional… In any field u should b a exceptional case…….

  3. I don’t get what’s the point in saying highest paid engineering jobs. Better it should have said highest paying jobs because the career in engineering is over now.

  4. I don’t know how much this works because, I’ve heard people saying that its hard to excel in a career being an engineer. So, now I have to take up a professional course and I’m not sure about it.

  5. Hahaha. So funny.. Highest paid engineering jobs itseems. It’s all past. MO one care about engineering now. It’s all outdated now. It’s so hard to find a good job as an engineer.

  6. All the highest of the pay will not be obtained by all of them who are working on these sectors. Engineering life is so hard. There is a lot of competition and race I the world. Only those in Silicon Valley earn highest pays.

  7. This is a joke. Highest paid jobs in engineering. We are not doctors. And before some 10 years this list would have been true. Engineering has lost its demand as there are enough employees now and still many graduates waiting for a job. Lol.

  8. Getting graduated as an engineer these days is the worst thing. Getting a job and getting settles in life will only be a dream if you get into engineering field. It’s very hard to excel as an engineer.

  9. With urbanization, architects and civil engineers are finding great opportunities. It takes some unique talent to design and construct things. With good talent, one can find great success.

  10. Space science engineering has a wider scope now as all of the world is trying to get a home in other part of the universe. Efficient technology to do these stuffs has to be invented and engineers can be of great use.

  11. Engineering is tough now. It was good to be an engineer before but now there is a lot of competition in engineering with numerous graduates coming in. It’ll be a dream to be an highest paid engineer.

    1. I know. It takes hardwork and years of waiting to get into a highest paid job in engineering. There is demand for engineers but they employers expect a lot more which I can say is impossible..

  12. Only the big companies like Google, FB, yahoo, IBM, Apple pay engineers like the highest salaries. In such companies one can earn as much as medical professionals earn. Or else now a days engineering is stupidity.

    1. That’s true but the workload will also be very high. It’s good to establish a strong career in such companies. I would suggest the next generation to get into other professions than engineering as there are enough at the moment.

  13. It takes a lot of struggle to get a good paying job at the moment for an engineering graduate. The competition is high and it’s hard to become very successful.

  14. only the intelligent ones get such jobs.. There are lots of engineers nowadys.. Thse jobs are jus waste.. Its bettr ppl choose sumothr proffesion.

    1. So true.its very competitive world now. It’s hard to get a good job being an engineer now. One should be very potent and hard working for being successful.

  15. These are just for namesake actually.. Nowadays all d engineers are sittin at home or jus workin in their local plces.. If these works are givn to highfi ppl thn wat abt others? Where will they go.. yes i agree these are most paid jobs.. but not available for everyone!

  16. Petroleum engineering is of great demand in Gulf countries and they pay huge as well.. Those countries are very prosperous and job offers are very good. Petroleum business will go on for 10-12 more years from now in those countries and more efficient ones will be awarded more and can find a great career there.

  17. Any engineering job is payed well in this present world. With great skills and innovation on can find great success in the field. As long as one is ready to strive and bring new ideas to life, engineering is a great place to serve.

    1. I guess you are not an engineer. It’s very hard because with so many people graduating even year you need to be specific in your field. With trend now electrical, electronics, communication, Information Science have good opportunities. In a higher notch, aeronautical engineering is of great trend now.

    2. But in India, there are already a lot of engineering graduates. Maybe because of education system and standard here there are only a handfew of colleges that produces quality engineers. So, in India it’s hard to succeed as an engineer with mere BE degree.

  18. As an electrical engineer,I wanna say that, With advancement in technology, Electrical engineering has see a great opportunity. It has great scope and more innovative a person is more success he’ll find in electrical engineering.

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