Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Jobs Without Degree

High Paying Six Figure Jobs without a College Degree in 2017, Top 10 Great Jobs Without Degree.

Even if people have a professional degree, they may have to stay at home. Thus, People who are just holding the high school diploma or equivalent diploma have an opportunity to earn handsome salary without a professional degree. Here are several jobs that provide best salary in the industry and provide great employment opportunities to people who are without a degree.

List of top 10 highest paid jobs without degree in 2017:

Although there are several jobs for diploma holders, still some of the highest paid ones are the best option for such people to enjoy a heavy earning. Below list is based on the income and people can pick the one as per their choice.

1. Gas Plant Operators: – This job is for people who have high school diploma or equivalent education and can earn an annual income of $63,680. There are around 13,890 who are employed in this profession. Thus, this is the best job opportunity for people who are less educated and desire for a handsome salary. They are associated with distributing various utilities to associated companies.

Gas Plant Operators, Highest Paid Successful Jobs Without Degree

2. Electrical Power Line Installers/Repairers: – The average salary in this job is $64,170 and it is meant for people who have any diploma. These people are responsible for making our life easy and developing a world that is wireless and supplying best power to houses and industries. Their job becomes more challenging in areas that are frequent prone to natural disasters.

3. Mail Carriers and Superintendents: – This is among the highest paid job for less educated people in USA, as they can drag an annual income of $65,150. This job has lot of opportunity for people and they can get a higher salary or their hard work. The mail carrier service is increasing every year and, thus, there is great opportunity for growth and income.

4. Transportation Inspector: – This job is associated with inspecting the meters of taxis and providing fair service to customers. The average salary of this job is $65,950. They inspect the wheelchairs of busses and ensure that they are properly working and are up to regulation. They also check various cargos and ensure that they are safely shipped in trains.

5. Gaming Managers: – Gaming Managers are earning an annual income of $66,200. They require only a diploma of high school for this job. This industry is growing every year and for people of this profession there is great opportunity of growth and income. The major jobs are available at various casinos that are spread all over USA.

6. Power Plant Operators: – This amazing and interesting job attracts large number of high school diploma holders in USA. The basic salary that is paid to these employees is $68,100 and is among the top paid jobs without any professional degree. They are responsible for monitoring the best and smooth supply of power to particular area and ensure that enough power is generated.

7. Detectives and Criminal Investigators: – Detectives and Criminal Investigators are among the interested profession where people get an annual package of $76,730. The basic requirement for this job is to pass physical and written exam and drug test. Employees will also have to undergo training in a police academy and this makes them highly suitable for this complicated job.

8. Transportation, Storage and Distribution Managers: – People who have a high school diploma or an equivalent diploma, they can get this job. This is among the highest paid job in the list and provides an opportunity to earn an income of $83,890 annually. They are involved in planning the routes and guidelines for shipping and warehousing.

9. Sales Representative: – This is the best profession where people can earn an attractive salary even at an entry level. The annual payment for this job varies from $35,000 to $113,000. This job is associated with the power of smile, convincing skills, and hard work. They are highly preferred by organization like pharmaceuticals, warehousing, along with various producing companies. Everyone requires an intelligent and capable sales representative to promote the product and enjoy a high competition in market.

10. Purchasing Manager: – People, who are good in negotiation and posses best dealing skills, are highly suitable for this job. This job is associated with dealing with various suppliers and getting the best quote for raw materials. The salary paid for these professions is $91,431 and get highest payment in the list of top 10 jobs without a degree. They effectively handle tasks like reviewing product quality, interviewing vendor, evaluation of value and many other responsibilities.

Therefore, these jobs provide an opportunity for less educated persons to gain a highly paid opportunity and enjoy high living standard. People can pick any of the profession as per their interest and capability.

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