Top 10 Highest Paid Nursing Specialties

Top 10 Best Nursing Careers Based on Salary and Demand in 2017, Highest Paying Nursing Specialties.

Salary is not always a factor to select a particular profession; it is interest of an individual. People who are interested in various nursing fields can review the below list and pick a carrier as per their interest and income they wish to earn. Working as a medical specialist is always a rewarding profession.

List of top 10 highest paid nursing specialties in 2017

The lists of top nursing professions that provide highest pay to their professionals are listed below along with their annual salaries. This list is created after great research based on earning powers and employment opportunities.

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist: – The Nurse Anesthetist is paid an average annual salary of $105K to 130K and work as emergency facility, outpatient, and inpatient. They work for surgeons, dentists and anesthesiologist. People who are interested in this profession should go for professional degree, as it is highly associated with great level of competition.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Highest Paid Successful Nursing Specialties

2. Nurse Researcher: – An expected salary of Nurse Researcher varies from $75,000 to $95,000 annually. These nurses has to posses great writing skill, as they have to prepare medical journals, grant proposals, and several; presentations. These professional researchers have to work in organizations like universities, medical lab, along with various non-profit health care organizations and other health care industries.

3. Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: – This professional is associated with direct interaction with patients, their families and caretakers. Thus, there is a great opportunity of growth and earning huge salary. The basic salary of a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner varies from $70,000 to $90,000. Mental Health Nurse Practitioner can practice independently or work at mental health facility and at correctional centre.

4. Certified Nurse Midwife: – This nursing profession is highly preferred profession by women who love to earn heavy income and enjoy their profession. Certified Nurse Midwife gets an average annual income of $75,000 and recently has seen that males are taking intense interest in this profession. This profession is concerned with OB/GYN physicians along with assisting women by providing complete health service and even unusual illness.

5. Pediatric Nurse: – This is very lovely profession, as here Pediatric Nurse has to work with children at ICU, and even at schools. The Pediatric Nurse can earn an annual income of $67,000 and always finds it a rewarding work. This profession requires good communications skills and caretaking ability.

6. Orthopedic Nurse: – As the salary of Orthopedic Nurse is concerned, an experienced profession is able to get an annual income of $120,000. Orthopedic Nurse is concerned with high-level service to patients who are facing mobility. These professionals mostly work in hospitals wards, clinics, emergency rooms, outpatient clinics. They have to provide surgical assistance to patients and helps in rehabilitation and creating wellness regimen.

7. Nurse Practitioner: – People who love to earn an attractive salary of $78,000 annually then; Nurse Practitioner is a great entry-level profession. These professionals have great working opportunities at mid family sized and even at critical care centers. This profession includes deep and close relations and interactions with caretakers of patients, as they have to understand the medical complexity of patients, symptoms and prevention.

8. Clinical Nurse Specialist: – This profession requires a specialized master degree in nursing. There is a high demand of this profession and the specialists are capable to earn an annual income of $104,000. This profession is associated with diagnosing disease, research work, and type of care required for particular patient.

9. Geriatric Nurse: – The nurse of this profession tends to takeaway an annual salary of $75,000. Moreover, the income is not restricted to this, as high multilingual skills, NP certification and other specialties will certainly open doors for great earning. The job responsibilities of these nurses are concerned with diagnosing mental health, medication and suggesting preventative cares to patients. They require good communications skill to communicate with various caretakers of patients.

10. Neonatal Nurse: – Neonatal Nurse are in great demand at present in US, as this is high earning profession and is associated with babies care. There is an increase of demand of such professions due to increasing minor illness in these premature babies. These Neonatal Nurses have to take intense care of newborns and provide medication; administer oxygen and other specialties to work in NICU.

Thus, here are some of the nursing professions that provide great learning opportunities and carrier growth. The annual income is highest and great employment opportunity. People can prefer their own interest area and be among the great income gainers.