Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Females Characters

Top Female Comic Book Characters in the world in 2017, Hottest Comic Book Superheroines.

Like the entire heart throbbing and popular male Superheroes, there are many super heroines who rule on the comic industry. There are many successful female characters that have doubled the earning of many comic making industries.

Presenting the list of top 10 hottest and popular comic book female in 2017

There is hardly any individual in this world who doesn’t love reading comics and so this time we decided to present those popular female characters from the world of comic who made a special place in your heart.

Here is the list of top 10 hottest female comic Characters of 2017.

1. Catwoman: Beauty like a gorgeous woman and flexibility like a cat, is all about the Catwoman. She is the most liked female characters of comics. Her beauty lies behind her black mask. At daytime she use to be a hot woman who can make million guys fall in love with her while the night time is her Showtime as a super heroine. She uses all the strategies and powers achieved by her to fight with the enemies of humanity.

Catwoman, Hottest And Sexiest Comic Book Females

2. Witchblade: Her curves are the major center of concentration. She has an extraordinary fitness. She arouses the fantasy of many male comic lovers. She has amazing flexibility and powers. She is damn hot and justifies her hotness by her attitude. She is tough and very much determined about her aim. Her long hair can attract anyone. Her body cuts and texture is just irresistible.

3. The Engineer: She was created due to her own scientific experiments. She has amazing powers and ultimate capability to fight. The silver texture formed on her body due to the scientific experiments shows a bright, hot and well-curved body. Her original and beautiful physique can be felt with that silver texture on too. She is hot comic female character.

4. Storm: The superhot amalgamation of hot figure and supernatural powers is called Storm. She is one of the most powerful characters in the comic history ever. She has the ability to control the thunders. She has a very hot face and body. Her curves make her male fans exited. She is a very popular comic super heroine in the world.

5. Silver St. Cloud: Her unique way of talking and classy attitude can make you her lover. Her curves and fitness can be easily noticed in the comics. Her character is designed by keeping the male fantasies in mind. There are many comics lover who find her the most beautiful woman in the comic’s history.

6. The Black Widow: She is such a stunning female comic character in tight black dress. Her curves are well shown in the black dress. She is an enthusiastic, flexible and strong character. Her jaw line are just killer. She is the reason of the extreme fantasy of the male comic lover.

7. Scarlet X: Remember the well toned figure containing super heroine who is aggressive and attacking in nature? She is one and only Scarlet X. She is the bombshell character having busty looks. She is very hot but her powers are not fascinating. She is an average liked super heroine. Her beauty and costumes are the main reason of her existence on this list.

8. Halo Jones: She is not a popular female comic character. Her dress is somehow attention gaining but her looks and beauty is not worth appreciation. She is a very average girl with ordinary powers and aims. At some points, she seems quite interesting but loving her due to her hotness is not happening at all.

9. Emma Frost: She is a gorgeous lady. She is liked by many glamour loving comic readers. Her powers are designed in a very ordinary way but she is admired for being hot. Her look is very exciting. The skimpy dresses worn by her, adds more sexiness to her beauty.

10. Wonder Woman: She is the one of the most glamorous and hottest characters of comic books. She is designed by keeping the male fantasy and female power requirements. She is the perfect female super heroine. Her curves talk a lot about her beauty. The body hugging short costume worn by her just shakes the male feelings. She is the quite desirable female character of the comics.

All these super heroines have been appreciated by the millions of comic reader due to their beauty and powers. These female characters come from a dark background which forces them to become a super heroine and fight for the cause of their transition. There are many hot characters have been introduced by many comic makers. Some of them are capable of spelling magic on the readers while some of them have completely failed. So which one is your favorite?