Top 10 Drunken Stories by Chris Hight

Drunken stories by Chris Hight that make you to gain an insight about the habit of drinking

Alcohol is bad and can be very dangerous for anyone’s health and image. Once you are drunk you forget about how and what you do. You only make a fun out of yourself in front of your friends or family members. This is something that almost everyone knows but no one is ready to accept it and thus indulge in drinking unlimitedly.

List of Top Chris Hight’s drunken stories

Drinking at times can be a major catalyst for making you experience one of the most unforgettable night or day of your life. This habit can make you a part of a funny or an embarrassing incident.

Top 10 Drunken Stories by Chris Hight

Here is the list of top 10 drunken stories of Chris Hight.

1. Kyle Loves Vegas – This story disseminates the message, that too much drinking can lay an individual to some or the other trouble, to its readers. This story is probably most common of all other stories but it still tops the list of Top 10 Drunken Stories by Chris Hight.

2. Camping- My Favorite – Camping is one of the best excuse for individuals to indulge in drinking. This story tells us how during a camp a group of friends including Chris Hight was fined because of what they did while they were drunk. Two friend, Chris and John were awake while everyone else were asleep near the campfire, while John used the duct tape to tape the drunkards to the chair and asked Chris to wake them up once he has finished his task. As they woke up they were all screaming and this got them a fine of $200.

3. I Love Pranks – This is one of the most amazing stories of Chris Hight. This story tells how Chris went to a party where he and his friends played a prank on another friend and made the entire party fill with funny memories that they will cherish throughout their life. The story suggests that party without drinks and pranks are incomplete and are thus considered as one of the best Drunken Stories.

4. My Friend disappeared in Vegas- This story of Chris was about how the disappearance of one of his friend and how he took the help of a prostitute for taking a champagne bottle out of his bums. One of the funniest incidents that can happen to anyone.

5. Fun Filled Wedding Relations – Weddings are always fun and are full of entertainment for the guests. These weddings are even more enjoyable for the groomsman and bridesmaid. Chris shares in this story about his experience in a wedding where everyone else was taken back to the hotel after the reception and he was the only groomsman left behind with three other bridesmaids. What happened next and how was his experience thereafter is an interesting story and is thus one of the most interesting Drunken Stories.

6. Fun-gulf Carts – The story is about how Chris and his cousins at a young age took alcohol bottle and hijacked a golf cart just to be caught soon by the security guard. This in highly interesting story which makes people gives a deep thinking before they try the same trick out during adult years.

7. Outdoor Adventures – There is a club with the name Outdoor Adventures and Chris and his friends were a part of the same. This one of the most amazing and interesting Drunken Stories tells us how Chris and his friends had fun during a weekend when they rented two cabins and stuffed 40 people in each of them where as the cabin was built only for 15 persons.

8. Last Night was crazy – When you are with your friend something crazy happens for sure and this is what happed to Chris and his friends in this story. This is quite a cool story about a friend of the writer and can be well considered as one of the best Drunken Stories.

9. Have You ever met Swingers – The story is too interesting for anyone to experience but what happened and how it took place is what makes it even more appealing for the readers. Go ahead and enjoy this wonderful story.

10. The Merchant of Venice – This story is about how something unexpected can happen to anyone anywhere. The one of the best Drunken Stories is about how Chris and his friends met Sir Patrick Stewart and got to play a game of darts with him.

Drinking is not a good habit at all but at times one should drink to give company to friends. But one should keep in mind that the quantity should not be too high to handle. Reading the drunken stories of Chris Hight will give new views about the negative effects of drinking. Happy Reading.