Top 10 Best selling Indian Novels of all time

Top 10 highest Selling Must Read Indian Novels Of 2017 and All Times, Greatest Indian Novels you cannot afford to miss.

Double your reading experience with the writings of the Indian Authors: Indian Authors have always been at their best when it comes to expression of their forte. The best point of discussion is that India is so rich in all aspects that it has even produced incredible authors and writers who have successfully knocked the door of the heart of millions and accepted their art.

The amazing list of the bestselling Indian novels in 2017

The below list of Indian novels have always proved superb and auspicious for the readers in the country and also in the abroad. All these authors have been nominated for awards at times and often. Thus, look into the factor which will explain our points all the more.

They list is as follows:

10. The Guide:

RK Narayan justified his creation on Raju-the guide who then converted to spiritual guru. This novel achieved superb acclamation therefore also took the shape of a film rightly picturized by Dev Anand as and in The Guide.

The Guide, Greatest Indian Novels 2018 you cannot afford to miss

9. The Namesake:

This is the novel by Jhumpa Lahiri; this is on the story of a Bengali couple who faced hardships when they migrated to USA to form a life out of everything they were accustomed to. In 2006, a film was also being directed on same plot by Mira Nair.

The Namesake Best selling Indian Novels 2016

8. A fine balance:

The Author Rohinon Mistry wrote this book on four different professions from four different viewpoints yet is as perfect as the story would have it. Based on this book was staged a play in Hampstead.

A Fine Balance Best selling Indian Novels 2016

7. The shadow Lines:

The name as it suggests is the best creation from the bestselling author of the Sea of Poppies- Amitava Ghosh. This Bengali Indian Author rightly jotted down thoughts about the Second World War and this story is from the lines that existed down the memory lane with different perspective.

The shadow Lines Best selling Indian Novels 2017

6. Train to Pakistan:

Khuswant Singh critically wrote his book therefore it has been listed among the most selling novel in India. The backdrop of the story is about the Hindus and the Muslims who were forced to leave the country. This novel showed many issues that might have cropped up and remained one of the very best novels of millions of readers not only in India but also all across the world.

Train to Pakistan Best selling Indian Novels 2017

5. The Immortals of Meluha:

The first novel of the Shiva trilogy is the Immortals of Amish Tripathi. The mehula is a land where Shiva- the tribal leader lived; he was the saviour of the land. Amish Tripathi put his heart and soul in it to write the story. This combination of the fictional and mythological story was written in the finest way to delight and force the readers to read the story with full interest.

The Immortals of Meluha , best selling indian novels Of 2016-2017 and All Times

4. The White Tiger:

The debut novel of Arvind Adiga won the Man Booker prize in 2008. This Indian author is the second youngest author of the time. This book has a humorous perspective of class struggle in the globalized world. This novel is well received as the retrospective narration from a village boy named Balram. Going through the novel will fetch wonderful thought and perfect ideology to support the plot of the story.

The White Tiger Best selling Indian Novels 2018

3. Midnight’s Children:

Salman Rushdie created the plot of his novel on the partition of India and Pakistan. There were many central characters in the story by the narrator Saleem Sinai. Lately this book was nominated as the winner of the Booker prize. It was even added to the big list of the Great books in 20th century. Published by the Penguin books, received all the accolades of the time.

Midnight’s Children Best selling Indian Novels 2017

2. The God of Small Things:

The story of God of Small things by Arundhuti Roy has touched the hearts of many. This is so because God of small things has sprinkles of reality and yet stands the best among so many creations of the world. This Indian Author has made things happen in small packages to reach out to a bigger goal. You can get the copies of this book online just by ordering it.

The God of Small Things Best selling Indian Novels 2018

1. Five Point Someone:

This is a wonderful creation by Chetan Bhagat. His book has been nominated for award. Alike each and every story the book has some real factors which can be found in some of your lives when compared with this book. It is better to grab the book and read through it to know what’s in the story- Five Point Someone.

Best Selling Indian Novels 2017

The sale of these above mentioned books have so high that they have rightly formed a part of the most perfect lot in this era to preserve. All these books are also available online, thus, you can easily ask for the copies and get them with best offer with the signature of the Author on them.


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  1. Definitely five point someone is the best book. It had all that elements that youth expect and it rendered a great message too. The book’s plot was so damn impressive too. It is my most fav work by Chetan Bhagat

  2. Immortals of Meluha is a great book. It is so novelistic and very fresh. The content and plot is so suited and thus it became very successful in this generation.

  3. Midnight’s children is not that good a book to be included in 3rd spot. Salman rushdie is a crap writer. He just seeks attention and hasn’t been one writer who has earned a lot of respect.

  4. I like Chetan Bhagat has been a great writer of this Era being very novel and contemporary with the plot. Five point someone is one book where you’ll love each and every sentence of the book.

  5. the namesake reveals my life story.. i have cried reading this book.. because the same thing happned with me and my husband when we left india to singapore.

  6. the shadow lines by amitav gosh is one of my favourite book.. i love reading such flash back stories.. this book gives us a good phase of second world war.

  7. Immortals of meluha is my fav in this list. Amish tripathi is one best writer of this time. His style of writing is so novel and he just knows what this generation needs. He is outstanding.

  8. God of small things is one of the finest novels I’ve read. It is so good and engaging. That book just takes you all along the end. Arundhati has written is so very well.

  9. Five point someone is a great book. It has been a book that I’ve loved a lot. It is so engaging. Even the movie 3 idiots came out so well. Loved Chetan Bhagat only in this book.

  10. train to pakisthan is one of the best novel that i have ever read. i suggest every indian and pakisthani must read this book.

  11. I love Chetan Bhagat. He is so good as this generation’s writer. He is so contemporary with his novels. They seem so catchy with the story line. He is such awesome writer.

  12. Amish tripathi is my fav author in recent times. His novels are very much impressive and the plot is so unique. Immortals of meluha or its other books,They are all the best.

  13. The white Tiger is a great book. The author has written it in a unique way and it deserved a man booker. The novel goes in a catchy fashion and has secretly conveyed the reader a strong message.

  14. Chetan Bhagat is the best writer present day. He is just too good in get going a story line. Five point someone,half girl friend, 2 states, 3 mistakes of my life all were so good.

    • Chetan bhagat is indeed a great writer of our time. His books are very contemporary and he knows the pulse of this young generation. He writes it so well and the books are greatly engaging.

  15. God of small things is an outstanding work of literature. It deserved the Man Booker right. A novel written at its best. That had and incredible energy to grab readers attention.

  16. There cant be a replacement for five point someone. It’s an awesome book by chethan Bhagat. It’s so damn awesomely written.

    • It’s an awesome novel Five point someone. It’s been done as a movie and that too came out well. The story narrated has been very effective to grasp readers attention.

  17. Five point someone is an excellent piece of work by Chetan Bhagat. It’s just framed beautifully and the narration and the message to be delivered is so clear. It is very much inspiring for the youths. The book is better known for being the base for the super hit movie 3 idiots.

  18. RK Narayan sir’s the guide is a great book even today. It stands out for its uniqueness. He is a great visionary and his thoughts were just super ordinary. The book just takes the reader till the end with out getting bored even a single time.

  19. The white tiger by arvind adiga is one of the best selling books. The article has given an outline of story of a boy’s life which has been awareded 40th man booker prize in 2008,the year when it was published.

  20. chethan bhagat is one of best author in india. i ve read all his novels like 2 states, revolution 2020,3 mistakes of my life,etc. hez not just a novelist but a good screenwriter too. his writings show his love towards our nation. he has higlighted aspects of our country through his books.

    • chethan bhagat is my favourite too. i started reading novels only because of his books. they are written so well one will feel like reading it over and over.

  21. Train to Pakistan is really hilarious with certain amount of sarcasm. It is very well potraited about India and Pakistans relationship.

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