Top 10 Best selling English Novels in India

most popular English Novels in India, best selling English Novels in India in 2017

Know the top 10 selling novels in India: The English novel is an important part of the English literature. There are few novels that are being written and scripted for the teenagers and also the ones who are yet kids ahead of their age. English novels have found a good placement in different ages with several possible meanings. The romantic age and the medieval age is quite a perfect thing to nurture. Various genres of the novels are available with the most perfect and the correct form of art from the end of the writers and the novelists.

A journey to know about the top 10 best selling English Novels in India in 2017

It is really possible to accelerate the universal knowledge that becomes the possession of a good life. Reading good and best novels will truly accelerate the ability to speak in English and the ability to gather more and more knowledge for the massive improvement in terms of knowledge, vocabulary and idea. While reading the novel, you will come across many individual characters which might resemble the characters in the real life. This might make you acquire the thoughts and make you a knowledgeable person in your life.

Here is a list of the English novels which will make you feel that you have an emotional response.

1. Pride and Prejudice: This is the story that tells of Mr and Mrs Bennet, who had five unmarried daughters who are unmarried. This novel is one of the popular novel of Jane Austin and also the best of all times. Once you go through the novel you will have to admit that you will travel through the world of fantasy.

Pride and Prejudice, top highest selling English Novels in India

2. The Fault in Our Stars: The story is a romantic piece that says that a 16 years old cancer patient named Hazel Grace Lancaster falls in true love with Gus Waters. This entire book is on their wit, humour, love and romance. You can even grab the online edition of the book from the well known brands of online store.

3. The Alchemist: Paulo Coelho is the author of this amazing composition- The Alchemist. This is the book on interesting events that take place althroughout. The alchemist continues to travel digging for treasure from somewhere leaving behind the worthy dreams. The story is as fresh as a detective story.

4. Oliver Twist: This is the story by Charles Dickens- who has always remained to be the best author for the kids. The story of the novel makes it ranks among top 10 best selling English novel in the world. This story is about the boy who works all day long and is yet mistreated by his master. He is an orphan with n one to take care of.

5. Wuthering Heights: This is the only novel from the house of Emily Bronte’s only novel that was published in the year 1847. The story unfolds through the effective effect of jealousy and the vengeful individuals on their communities. Thus, it is best to buy the book and start reading if you want to know the classic storyline.

Wuthering Heights, bestselling English Novels in India in 2015-2016

6. Tale of Two cities: The story is also by Charles Dickens. This was set in London before and after French revolution. The entire story line is about a peasant depicting the plight of the French aristocracy. It was the best times that held the worst memories of the age of wisdom- this is how it is being described by the author.

7. Jane Eyre: This was written by Charlotte Bronte; while reading this text it will make you feel that it is the text that is about one among us. You can start and relate it to you can easily follow the mindset of the book.

8. Robinson Crusoe: Daniel Defoe strongly concentrated on this novel to give birth to the adventurous voyage through the impulsive wanderer that defied his parents and went to sea. This is the only reason that leads to series of violent storms at the sea.

9. Far from the madding crowds: The perfect novel of Thomas Hardy was awarded as the best one from his end. The wonderful picturization of the novel is as cool as the storyline. One must go through this and it is heard that a story is also being picturized this year in the month of May. So let’s watch and enjoy.

10. Great expectations: The great expectations is the perfect novel to add a solution to your expectations, you can easily get to know about many which are yet to unfold. Thus, read the book and discover yourself the magic in it.

Great expectations, most poplular English Novels in India

All these above English novels are the best known novels of all times. The multiple characteristics altogether is set to make you know about the characters in the novel. Thus, read and let know the precious things in store.