Top 10 Richest Terrorist Groups in The World

Top 10 richest terrorist groups in the world in 2017, Richest Terrorist Organizations.

Terrorism has always been linked with other forms of crime. In this aspect the most notable link is the one that leads to illicit working and drug trafficking. There are about many terrorist organizations in this world which is just the foremost cause of terrorism.

List of the world’s top 10 richest terrorist groups in 2017

The list below is of the most terrifying organizations which are famous for the big shots like- bank robberies, looting, kidnapping and looting.

Here is the list of the top 10 terrorist groups. They are as follows:

1. ISIS: The annual turnover of the company is the highest about $2 billion. The collection of the taxes for the establishment of the group and localities are actually channelized from worldwide. This collection of the amount formulated into a terrorised naming all around the world

ISIS, Richest Terrorist Groups in The World

2. HAMAS: The taxes and the funding is the most reliable way to make the establishment of the Palestine Islamic state from sea to the Jordan River. The hamas group made its milestone strong just by making a turnover of $1 billion.

3. FARC: The annual turnover of the terrorist group is about $600 million. This is an underground Marxist and anti imperialist group with key planner in the bloody struggle that ravaged Columbia for more than over 50 years.

4. Hezbollah: The annual turnover of the terrorist group is about $500 million. The purpose of this group militant is formally against the state of the Israel and the establishment of an Islamic state in Lebanon. The major power in Lebanon has great network of institutes providing the relief with the segments of the Shilite population in need.

5. Taliban: The name itself has already spread all over the world with their practises. The political military base rules throughout to bring a correct pace to everything that is being occurring against the Islamic law. They receive funds via kidnapping, and other anti social activities leading to the huge collection of high end fees and taxes, donations and even financial donations.

6. Al Qaeda: This is quite a popular name in the world of terrorists. The turnover of the terrorist group is about $150 million. They were successful in bringing about profound changes throughout Western world of culture and the attitude towards Islam. The main source of financial assistance and other funding with that of donations comes from other anti state activities too. Apart from these kidnapping, and asking for ransomed amount of money is quite in demand.

7. Lashkar-e-Taiba: The annual turnover of the terrorist group is about $100 millions. This is the army of the righteous. This group is one of the dominant groups in the part of Southeast Asia. The main source of income is the financial assistance, fund raising activities and also from the donations.

8. Al Shabab: This is the group of terrorists from Kenya, Somalia and Uganda. The purpose of this group is the removal of the foreign forces from Somalia. Their main funding occurs through – bank robbery, illegal trade, pirate activity sponsorship fees and the taxes. The protestor’s hands are covered with red paint symbolising the blood of the non Muslims.

9. Real IRA: The real turnover of the terrorist group of people is about revenue of $50 million. The religion that they follow is of Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. The intention of the group is to create a united Irish state that includes Northern Ireland and Ireland on the whole. They are very staunch in their goal fulfil all their aim with full logic and strategy.

10. Boko Haram: The turnover of the terrorist organization is about $52 million. The religion that they follow is Nigeria, Cameroon. Their goal is to fight for secularism and the western influences. This is so because the western influences followed the Christian secularism all throughout. The meaning of Boko Haram is- western education is a sin. It opposes the education that contradicts the growth of the Islamic rules.

All these names are other names for terrorism . They are still ruling from all corners trying to make things stand and hold under their rule. Stay connected to this page so that you can easily get such details that stuns all the more.