Top 10 World Famous And Cheapest Vans

Top 10 Most economical small vans in the world in 2017, Most famous cheapest vans.

Vans make transportation easy, they are good for shifting loads of stuff and in fact they are very useful for small scale factory and industry owners to transport the bulk material at one go. Vans give the scope to carry more people at a time and so it’s all time favorite in spite of its average look in comparison to other trendy 4 seater cars.

Presenting the list of Top 10 cheapest Vans of the industry in 2017

Generally people hire van but if you buy one of the vans for yourself, you will be blessed as you will save lots of money. So, for your convenience the list of least priced vans from the best brands is available:

Below is the list of cheapest van, from low priced to above with the best features:

1. Nissan NV200:- This van tops in the list of the least expensive cars. It costs $20,720.00. The distinctive feature of the van includes 2.0L I-4 131hp powerful capacity of the engine, anti lock brakes for the four wheels, air billons, power outlets and it is air conditioned as well. The model is conventional van model which is suitable to load bulk of material to transport.

2015 Nissan NV200, Most economical small vans in 2015-2016

2. Mazda Mazda5 – It is of the cost $21,240.00. Mazda Mazda has 2.5 L I-4 157hp engines. It is second in the list and most popular amongst van purchasers. The other features are same as the above with the slight variation in the model of the van.

3. Dodge Grand Caravan – It costs $21,795.00 and has engine capacity of 3.6L V-6 283hp. The car is classically designed to the needs of the industry owners. It is again a classy van with less price and style model.

4. Ford Transit Connect – Ford is known company for automobiles and its van too are superb. Not a single vehicle model from Ford has any glitch and same is with this van. This van costs up to $22,330.00. Then engine capacity is 2.5L I-4 169hp.

5. Chevrolet City Express – Another masterpiece from the Chevrolet which is on the fourth number of least expensive van list. It is of the price $21,955.00. It has 2.0 L I-4 131hp engines. Power engine and classy look of the van makes it outstanding.

2015 Chevrolet City Express, Top 10 Minivans

6. Ram cargo: – The perfect tradesman choice is what this van is known more for. Completely balanced in budget with the price of $22,500.00 and with all needed features and the engine capacity of the 3.6L V-6 283hp. Cruise control is what makes this van most desirable. So, a perfect van with all needed characteristics and in perfect price which is the best option from all.

7. RAM proMaster city: – Look wise the van is conventional looking which costs approximately $23,130.00. It has special tiger shark engine of capacity 2.4L I-4 178hp, which results into better speed of the bags. Rest other features are almost same as other vans. But, the van is more famous because of the classification of engine. So, if you are looking for speed van than this is the best option.

8. Kia Sedona: – Kia Sedona costs $26,100.00; it is 8th on the least expensive list. But, this van is one of the luxurious looking cars. So, apart from utility it also satisfies the luxury option for many. The engine is of 3.3 L V-6 276hp capacities. The automatic sensor system for air balloons is like a boon in the van. Besides, it has 17 wheel classifications.

9. Nissan NV cargo NV1500: – $26,240.00 s the cost of this van which stands second last in the list but those who find it compatible will know how far this van is useful for all those business man who needs to carry the small and big raw material on daily basis so owing this van will be beneficial for them. In fact many people recommend it as useful van for the industry owner. It has the same features with few additional features.

10. Nissan quest: – The last in the list is Quest by Nissan which costs $26,530.00 which means it is the most expensive in the list. It have many standard feature which makes it class apart like airbags at different section of the van, the capacity is also more as compared to other vans. The auto brakes for the wheels are also available in this van by Nissan. This is the best selling car also. So, what’s your choice?

Nissan quest, Top 10 electric and hybrid vans

Survey well and catch for the best van suiting to your budget and your requirement. The above 10 are the cheapest range of vans which are available in the market.