Top 10 Most Expensive SUV’s in The World Market

Top 10 Most Expensive Sport Utility Vehicles, High Priced vehicles in 2017, Most Expensive SUVs on the Market.

Top most expensive SUV’s: SUV that is sports utility vehicle are famous amongst youth and they prefer them over other vehicle because of comfort and styling. SUV’s are not only stylish but it also gives a grand look at the person driving the car. People look at you with respect when they get to see the person with a branded and expensive SUV. In short we can say that expensive SUV stands as a symbol of richness in the society.

Most expensive Top 10 SUV’s of the world in year 2017

SUV’s these days are liked more than the luxury cars because of their compatibility and if you think they are not costly than have a look at these most expensive SUV’s which can cost a house.

1. Land rover range rover: – This is the costliest SUV available but this is worth. The comfort while driving is heaven and barely anyone will deny from this. $186,495.00 is the cost of it with the ABS control and the engine capacity of 510hp which is a real treat to the drivers and passengers in the SUV. The most sold out SUV is the black one, which is popular amongst many people. Also, from the safety point of view this car is safest with the airbag on each seat and sensors that will work when the car crashes in.

Land rover range rover, Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury SUVs

2. Mercedes-Benz G-Class – Mercedes is famous with its brand name only and that is why one can pre estimate the possible features in the car and also it has AMG 5.5L V-8 536hp which is ideal for rough driving. So, if you are driving on hilly slopes and the rocky terrains this SUV is ideal. It costs $137,150.00 which is worth the luxury and comfort it provides. It has special air bag for children, so in case of car crash children are safe.

3. Mercedes-Benz GL-Class – Again, Mercedes has made it to the most expensive SUV’s in this year 2017. It has twin turbo engine of AMG 5.5L V-8 550hp. The best part about this SUV is that it can ride through all surfaces, be it Rocky Mountains, uneven lands, ice, dessert and obviously on highways and roads. Driver’s seat is especially protected with side airbags and also knee bags. Side seat air bags are for all seats. And the design is classy with the safety at peak.

4. Mercedes-Benz M-Class – Mercedes has taken promise to be on the top list and that is why the next in the most expensive series of SUV’s is Mercedes- Benz M class which costs $97,250.00. The engine capacity of this SUV is AMG 5.5L V-8 518hp engine twin turbo. Cruise control feature is one addition it as it helps to control the car during the traffic flow.

5. Cadillac Escalade ESV – And, for a change besides Mercedes there is new SUV in the list that is Cadillac. $94,874.00 is the cost of this SUV and it is worth the same with all the luxury and comfort it will be the strong capacity of engine EcoTec3 6.2L V-8 420hp. This is most sold with the platinum color. And, this is news that you will find a navigation system in car that means the chances to lose your way is nil.

Cadillac Escalade ESV , Top 10 Most Expensive Sport Utility Vehicles, High Priced vehicles

6. Land Rover Range Rover Sport – Expensive SUv’s and mentioning Land rover just once is not fair and that is why the list is hit again by the Rover range of sport which is obviously not classy but a tough sporty SUV with the 5.0L V-8 510hp engine.

7. Cadillac Escalade: – The tough look of car depicts the strong feature and faces any kind of problem feature. It has EcoTec3 6.2L V-8 420hp engine which is good in capacity, so in case if you are looking for any tough SUV try this out. Other features like safety, airbags etc can are same as other SUV.

8. Lexus LX 570 – The main thing which grabs the attention of this SUV is the engine of the car with the capacity 5.7L V-8 383hp engine. The cost is typical SUV cost with the price $83,180.00. Rest all features like safety bags, wheel control are not less that most expensive SUV.

9. Toyota Land Cruiser: – One of the most bought SUV with the cost $80,155.00, a car with all male features. Also, the engine of the car is of I- FORCE 5.7L V-8 381hp capacity.

10. BMW X6 – BMW is known for its luxury but this BMW will sway away the feet with the price of $71,400.00 and the engine capacity of 4.4L V-8 400 h. this is one best SUV available.

BMW X6, Most Expensive SUVs in the Market in 2015-2016

After all the survey, this is the list of most expensive SUV , so which one is you buying for your family trip.