Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars in The Market

Top 10 Cheapest Hybrids and Electric Cars in the world for 2017, Electric Vehicles With the Best Range.

Practicality wins praise in the world of the top 10 electric cars: The electric cars are impractical alternatives to the standard of the daily fuel that we are using on a daily basis. The charging stations are becoming the lighter whereas the batteries are growing smaller and cheaper in size. In this situation, the real draw is the cars themselves. Some are invented with the motive to perform great in the highways with the latest technology of the infrastructure fitted into it.

The top list of the cheapest electric cars of the world in 2017

The best part would be when you would be only when you would stop just at the right option for your lifestyle that is the real cheapest electric cars that has its mention in the year 2017. The cars can be among the cheapest yet they have found their real meaning in the 62 miles of range along with the full battery plunged into various volt plug with the electric cars.

The best list of the electric cars in 2017 is as follows:

1. Mitsubishi I- MiEV: The car is the best electric cars that too within an affordable range with a subdued experience of the vehicle. Mitsubishi I- MiEV is one of those cheapest electric cars that you can buy this 2017. The price for this car is about $22,295 only. The amenities and the miles of the range calculated about 62 miles. The 66 horsepower with 145 lb-ft torque are the real specifications of the car.

Mitsubishi I- MiEV, Cheapest Hybrids and Electric Cars for 2015-2016

2. Smart Fortwo Electric Drive: have you heard about the urban runabouts? In the automotive world, you will find that this electric car is the only one that offers about 74 horsepower with a maximum nominal output of 68 miles of the range. You can have the real experience of electricity with any model of Smart Fortwo Electric Drive with six hours long service of 240 volts. The price is about $25,270 compared to the others.

3. Chevrolet Spark EV: If you are spending about hundred dollars than spending it on e-Golf, then you can be the real owner of one of the cheapest electric car in this world. The price is about $27,645 in the market price.

4. Volkswagen e-Golf: The price of the electric car is about $ 27,945. The newest entries in the market is quite affordable with the editions of the compact hatchback of about commuter traffic providing the best 83 miles of the range covered within few hours. With a torque speed of about 199 lb-ft and the horsepower of about 115, the entire aggressive mode is perfect and suits the model the most.

5. Nissan Leaf: The price of this specific electric car is about $29,010 which adds to the hatchback of the onboard charging system soaking with the electricity with the quick enough rates to fill the battery of the car. With the force of about 240 volts, the car drops the charge of about 80 percent of the battery capacity.

Nissan Leaf, Electric Vehicles With the Best Range

6. Ford Focus Electric: Nothing can be so special with the impressive sprint of the 60 mph the latest technology on electrics. The price of the electric car is about $ 29, 170.

7. Fiat 500e: The price of the electric car is about $32,300; it has the capacity to squeeze about average additional grunt of about 87 miles while driving on the road. The horsepower is 111 a torque is up to 147 lb-ft. Both these numbers are just an average calculation for the electric car, it can at times criss the real limit and enhance the speed with popular styling.

8. BMW i3: the price of this specific model of the electric car is about $42,400 and the subcompact design is about the rear wheels topping up the BMW i3’s battery from the empty takes which are merely one and half hours in span.

9. Kia Soul EV: The electric car is tall and have hatchback that is boxy and won praises for its practicality in styling. The same is not always available with that of the categories of the electric cars. The 93 miles of the range with powerful battery package is enough to keep it moving all day long.

10. Chevrolet Spark EV: The power is decent whereas the horsepower is 143 with a counterpart of the responsive handling of the car boasts that gets revealed with the closer inspections. The utmost important thing is the price that it bores with it transformation of the startling yet sluggish miles of range.

Chevrolet Spark EV, affordable electric cars in the world

All of these are cheapest cars and the perfect of the latest discovery of the electric cars in the year 2017. All of them cover good distances on the highways. Thus, grab the best and just put aside the rest.