Top 10 Cheapest Coupe Cars in The World

Top 10 Cheapest Coupe cars in the world in 2017, Coupe cars Buying Guide.

Many people have a dream to buy a nice car and a nice house. Well buying a house may need a lot of money today but buying a car is easy now. There are a lot of options available today for buying a car. You can give a direct payment or installment payment. You can also buy a car on EMI. There are various ranges of cars available in the market. The main factors on which a buyer concentrates while buying a car are engine power, fuel capacity, market price, air conditioning, style and color. Now you can choose any car by filtering the qualities according to your requirement. Here you can see the list of cheapest coupe cars that you can buy in 2017.

List of top 10 cheapest coupe cars for the year 2017

These days buying car is not that much tough. All you need is the determination of a particular choice. There are lots of coupe cars available today in very cheap prices. When you can get a high performance coupe car within or in less than you budget, it will surely be a matter of joy.

Look at top 10 cheapest coupe cars 2017.

1. Nissan Versa- Nissan has launched it new model Versa. It is an amazing model in amazing price. You can buy this model only in $11,990. Versa has engines of 1.6 liter with 109 HP. It has brakes with four wheel antilock facility. The airbags are mounted on side seats. It is a fully AC car having an mp3 player and two speakers.

Nissan Versa, Top 10 Cheapest Coupe cars

2. Chevrolet Spark- Chevrolet Spark is an amazing model which just comes in $12270. It has a killer look. It contains engines of 1.2 liters capacity each and 84HP. Availability of airbags is sufficient for every required position. It is a fully AC car.

3. Mitsubishi Mirage –This is a gorgeous model by Mitsubishi with an average performance. It has engines of 1.2 liters each with 74 HP. This model will cost you $12995. Air Conditioning facility is provided in this model.

4. Smart Fortwo- You can buy this model in just $13270. It has engines with capacity of 1 liter each and 70 HP. This model is fully air conditioned. This is really a smart choice within your budget.

5. Kia Rio- It is a Korean model which has strong engines with 138HP and capacity of 1.6 liters for each engine. You can buy this model at a nominal price of $13990. It has bigger wheels to give a great control over the road.

Kia Rio, Cheapest Coupe Cars with prices

6. Nissan Versa Note- This model has better features than Nissan Versa in terms of comfort and control. The engine specifications are almost same i.e.; 1.6 liter capacity and 109 HP for each engine. It is completely air conditioned. The price for this model is $14180.

7. Chevrolet Sonic- This is also a great and economic model launched by Chevrolet. It has engines with 1.8 liter fuel capacity and 138 HP engines. With bigger wheels and amazing cooling facility it will cost you just $14245.

8. Ford Fiesta- Ford Fiesta is already a popular model On the basis of performance and maintenance is overall a satisfactory model. It has engines with 1.6 liter fuel capacity and 120 HP engine. It has great air condition system. This model will cost you $14455.

9. Hyundai Accent- Like other models mentioned above Hyundai Accent also provides a decent performance with a decent style. It has a 1.6 liter engine capacity for each engine and 138 HP. It is great in terms of its cooling system too. It will cost you only $14645.

10. Mazda Mazda2- This is also an average model car with average looks and performance. Each engine has capacity of 1.5 liters and 100 HP. You can buy this model in $14720.

Mazda Mazda2, Coupe car Buying Guide

For buying a car it is not important how rich you are. Your knowledge about the cars and understandings about you need is the most important factor. You can buy a car of cheapest price but you will definitely not get the best speed and most powerful engine in that but again you need a car as per your requirements. What will you do with a speed of 150 when you need just 80 everyday. So just follow you requirements and buy a car in a smart way.