Top 10 Cheapest Bikes in India

Top 10 cheapest bikes in India in 2017, most popular low-cost bikes in India.

From youth to middle aged people in India, everyone likes to ride a bike. Whether it is a purpose for business travel or travel for pleasure in the open air, bike is always the first choice of Indian men. From impressing your girlfriend to earning for your survival by traveling one place to another, bikes are always there with you. There is a lot of variety of bikes available in India in every price range. There is nothing like only costly bikes can give you a pleasant journey, there are many cheaper bikes which have won public’s trust so far. You must see some the cheapest and good performance bikes available in India.

Presenting the list of cheapest bikes in India in 2017

While buying a bike a person checks many things such as mileage, gear, suspension, acceleration, breaks, auto/self start, color etc. With all these factors one more factor is there which matters the most for middle class people, the budget. The middle class people have to worry about the budget as they have to raise their family in that much income only. For such people, a bike is more than other precious things in the world. They care their bikes like family members. For such middle class people, here are some cheapest bikes available in the country.

1. Hero Passion Pro: This is one of the most popular bikes among the Indian men with 109cc engine. It is perfect for family ride. It gives an amazing mileage of 69kmpl with killer looks. The style is simple and sophisticated. It has a strong cylinder with four strokes. This amazing bike will cost you Rs.48000 only.

Hero Passion Pro, Top 10 cheapest bikes in India 2015-2016

2. Suzuki Hayate: Suzuki has not only made masterpiece sport bikes but also gifted common men with strong and good performance giving bikes. This bike is made by keeping Indian men and Indian roads in mind. It has a powerful 112.8cc engine with single cylinder. With amazing torque and ultimate capacity of holding fuel, it is surely a high performance bike. It will cost you around Rs43000 as per the Indian market.

3. Honda Dream Yuga: Honda has provided both gorgeous models with killer looks and simple models for high performance with least care needed. It has a decent engine of 109cc. It has been manufactured on the basis of Indian uses of bikes. Storing fuel up to 8 liters and providing a great torque, this bike will cost you around Rs.45000.

4. Hero Splendor: This is the most sold and lovable bike among Indian men. In most of the houses you can see this model. With its decent looks and high performance, it is the first choice of many common Indian. With 97cc four stroked engine and an average torque, this bike is chosen by many Indian as they trust the Hero products. You have to pay around Rs.45000 to buy this model.

5. Bajaj Discover 100: It is also one of the most selling bikes in India. This bike can easily be bought under a normal budget of Rs.45000. It has a 100cc engine, fuel capacity of 8 liters and decent torque. With the mileage of 91kmpl, Bajaj Discover is increasing the beauty in many Indian families.

Bajaj Discover 100, India's top bikes under Rs 50,000

6. TVS Phoenix: This is one of the most perfectly designed bikes for roads and bike maintenance in India. It is a 125 cc engine bike with fuel capacity of 12 liters. It provides quite good torque. It will cost you in Indian market around Rs.49000.

7. Mahindra Centuro: No matter it is a bike, scooter, car or tractor, Mahindra has always created a magic in terms of machinery design and performance. This is a bike with 110cc engine and a nicely designed look. It gives an average mileage of 80kmpl. You can have this bike in just Rs.50000 only.

8. Hero Splendor iSmart: With the mileage of 75kmpl and engine of 97.2 cc this bike is quite average among Indian buyers. The looks are definitely improved in comparison to Splendor. It will cost you around Rs.490000.

9. TVS Sport ES: Spending around rs.42000, you can buy this 99.7cc engine bike with decent speed. For more accurate details about this bike you can speak to the support team of TVS. So far this bike is having a good performance report on road.

10. Hero MotoCorp HF Dawn: This bike has an engine of 100cc and mileage of 90kmph. With flexible gear and good performance, this model will cost you only Rs. 43000.

Hero MotoCorp HF Dawn, Top Cheapest Commuter Bikes In India

Thus you can buy your dream bike too by keeping your requirements and budget in mind. What are you waiting for go ahead and pick your bike right from the list and take a ride today.