Top 10 Most Expensive Pets in The World

Top 10 unusual choice most expensive pets from around the world in 2017, The 10 Most Expensive Animals In the World.

Make pets’ tour best friend: Pets can be tour true best friend. They are the good listener. They can’t speak but they can feel all your love and adoration that you show to them. The more you will love them the more they will love you in return. Treat them as your child and you will be amazed to feel the love they provide you. The most loyal and true best friend oh human is pet. Pets are of various types. But among all the pets in the world, dog is considered to be the most loyal among others. The price cost dog compared to other pets is considerably low. So, it is affordable to have a pet like dog at home that will provide you a healthy company when you feel lonely. There are so many types of animals. Among them only few animals are accepted as pet by the human being.

The list of top 10 most expensive pets in the world in 2017

There are few pet animals in this world which are not only highly expensive but also highly adorable to the owners. We made an attempt to find which are those most expensive pets in the market which people love to own and make them a member of the family.

Here below the names of the most expensive pets are listed. These pets have proved to be most adorable.

1. German Shephard (Alsatian) – German shephard is considered to be the most intelligent and friendly natured dog among the dog family. He is kept in a house as a watchman. This dog proves to be very loyal to its master. This dog is very good looking. It is a good friend natured pet. This pet costs $22,000.

German Shephard (Alsatian), Top 10 Most Expensive Pets

2. White Bengal Tigers – as this pet falls under the endangered species, the cost is second expensive among the pet list. This tiger looks beautiful for its white fur. It adds a glory to the master who bears it. Though it is on the verge of extinction still it holds a great demand in market. The cost is almost near about $100,000.

3. Arabian Horse – this is a rare one. This is found in Arabia. This horse is famous for the skeleton figure that it has. Its beauty adds extra advantage for it to fall under the most expensive pet in the world. This pet costs $100,000.

4. Ram – it very amazing to know that ram is the fourth expensive pet in the world. Though it is rare but still it is available. Though it is not too much attractive in look but this is incredible in performing tricks. This pet is much enough comfort with its masters. It costs $352000.

5. Chimpanzees – now this one is too friendly. Its way of behavior is much more adorable and friendly. One will be surprised to know that this one lives a life almost of 60 years. They understand the feelings of human being and provide mental support. It costs $60,000.

Chimpanzees, most valuable pets

6. Savannah Cats – this species is a hybridization of domestic cat and a serval. They are close with dogs. So it becomes comfortable for a dog lover to keep it along with his dog. Unlike other cats it proves to be social, friendly and intelligent. This breed costs expensive.

7. Pacific Bluefin Tuna – this is wonderful creature. This breed is marvelous in its look. This is found in the Pacific Ocean. Deep blue color adds richness to its beauty. It is very rare to get bluefin tuna. It is so because it is hunted by the sea hunters for its flesh which is very tasty. This is mostly adopted by the Japanese owners costing near about $1.8 million. In general it costs $8,000.

8. Lavender Albino Ball Python – don’t get scared by hearing the name of a snake. This one is kept in home as pet. The beautiful yellow mark on the body increases its demand as a pet. It costs $40,000.

9. White Lion Cubs – it is illegal to have endangered species as a pet. This species is perishing gradually. But, still it has not lost its demand. Owners are very interested in keeping it as a pet. These cubs look amazingly beautiful. This is a species of exceptional gene mutation. It costs $138,000.

10. Hyacinth Macaw – the name itself sounds unique. This is one type of parrot with long beak. It eats nuts and seeds. It is considered to be the tallest parrot in the world. This is an American species and the cost being $14000.

Hyacinth Macaw, The 10 Most Expensive Animals In the World

Thus the features and specifications of the 10most expensive pets have been discussed and their cost have been revealed as par as global market.