Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Horses In The World in year 2017, most expensive horse breeds name.

Get the most adorable horses: Many people are very fond of horse riding or they want to keep the horse as their pets. The horses are very popular pets. They love their master vary much and hence they are very loyal to their masters also. There are some of the horses which have a very high rate in the market. These horses are very beautiful looking and thus for their looks they are so famous in the horse world. The expensive horses are also famous for their speed. Thus people who can afford to buy these horses they tend to buy them as keeping this horse as their pets will increase the status in the society. In this article there are some of the most expensive horses in the world.

List of top 10 most expensive horse breeds 2017

If you love the speed and energy of horses then we are sure you will also love to know about the most expensive breeds of the horses in the market.

Below here is the list of top 10 most expensive horses which are found. These horses are very beautiful looking and thus they are very popular among the horse riders.

Here are some of the best horses in the world.

10. Morgan-

Morgan is one of the best breaded horses. They are mainly found in the United States. These horses are sporty and friendly and they also have a powerful personality. They are in colors of chestnut bay and black color. These horses are very intelligent and they can win in every horse race.

Morgan Most Expensive Horse Breeds 2016


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  1. Grammar is horrible.
    Incorrect photos for certain breeds, like the Mustang, Thoroughbred, and Shetland Pony (which was a stuffed doll lol).
    As for the Arabian slide: the horse pictured is chestnut. Not black. True black is hard to find in this breed.

    Please do some more research, so you have more accurate info regarding the description of these breeds.

  2. They are rally expensive and I guess it takes a lot of expenditure to look after them too. Their health care, fitness care are to be done by spending a lot. I guess it’s better to invest in something better.

  3. I didn’t know about all these breeds before. I liked the list. Only thing is that there is some problem in content writing and it can be bettered. Good luck.

  4. Hire Americans to write your content, stop outsourcing cheap work to other countries and to people that don’t even understand English language.

    • America is a part in the world. So,don’t think it’s something extraordinary. Iam not in dispute. Kindly think…….

    • I don’t find it as a great problem though. Here the information the site provides is very good. Actually, I liked many lists in this site. You may go through.

  5. Was this article written by a third grader ? And btw ,, I didn’t know the Friesian and the American mustang were —- sooooo similar ??? LOL , On top of bad writing , they use the same picture twice ……..

  6. I didn’t know all these breeds before. So much information I got from this site. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. Try and write in a bit more proper way,itll be very good

  7. So badly written are these articles. I couldn’t reads this because of poor descriptions. I thought the list could be very very useful for me. But I think this is not of any use.

  8. Seriously, I never knew about all these. These seem like to own a Mercedes or a BMW. How costly and their maintenance also won’t be easy.

  9. I wish to own an Arabian breed. It looks a strong and muscular breed of all these and best suited to racing. They immensely powerful and have a great built.

  10. I never knew of these breeds. Looks like one who owns a horse will have to be a millionaire! After spending this much on a breed to look after it, it’ll be very costly I guess

  11. Everything is fine. It’s a unique list too. I never knew about all these breeds before. I wish it gave more info about each of the breeds.

  12. Thoroughbred breed is elegantly tall, slim and is very gorgeous. It is known for its athleticism and speed. It is very aggressive and picks up great speeds in race and is one of widely used breeds in racing.

    • It is very good looking too. The most handsome among the breeds. It is known for agitation and aggressiveness and picks up quick speeds in no time. That makes it the second best breed. I guess it is as good as Arabian.

  13. Arabian breed looks royal and the hair is damn pretty too. The speeding and aggressiveness of this breed is awesome. It was the symbol of luxury for Arabian oil lords I guess.

  14. appaloosa its like dalmation of horses but looks so elegant and royal and I bet they are fast no doubt they are so expensive coz of there sheer attraction

  15. Shetland Pony oh my god this horse is so cute looks like came alive from some fairy tail book am just falling in love with this breed so amazing I want one

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