Top 10 Most Beautiful Dogs Breeds in The World

Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds around the World in 2017, World’s Most Beautiful Dog Breeds.

The domestic dogs are loveliest friend of their master. Keeping a dog at house has a great benefit and also has an interesting activity for most of the people. We all know that dogs are one of the good companions; if you will train dog properly they can play various types of game and also provide all of the protection to our home and family member all day.

Presenting the list of most beautiful dogs who can be your lovely pet in 2017

Beauty is loved and admired everywhere and when you get the chance to make a pet a lovely looking dog then what can be best than this. We are here to share with you the list of most loved dog breeds.

Here is the list of top 10 beautiful dog breed.

1) Jack Russell Terrier – The Jack Russell Terrier is really a beautiful dog; its sleek and gorgeous white body with brown spots makes it a most beautiful dog breed. They are most energetic and also sociable dog breed, that’s why all type of people with all ages likes them very much. They are as similar s pug, Due to some special attitude, they become loveliest dog.

Jack Russell Terrier, Most Beautiful Dogs Breeds in The World

2) Pug – You can call them a little and loveliest clowns. They take the 2nd position among the list of top 10 dog breed. Due to some good reason, they become a most loved breed in all over the world. This dog breed mainly likes children. They love to play with children very much. They have a unique tendency that they think that they are bigger than they are. By nature, they are not aggressive, but some time they become aggressive towards the larger dogs.

3) Dalmatian – This dog breed became more famous for some Disney animated movie. This is also the traditional mascot of fire houses, so that they became the most popular dog breed in human history. The Dalmatian gets huge popularity due to it white sleek body with black spot, so that they take 3rd position in the list of top 10 beautiful dog breed.

4. Bulldog – This is a real fact that looks of a bull dogs is quite intimidating. But this dog breed is one of the gentlest dog in all over the world. There are various shed available in this dog breed like black, white, red, pale yellow etc. though this is totally depends on the owner, but they are very much loving and affectionate in nature and also have a great intelligence.

5. Labrador Retriever – The Labrador Retriever is also one of the most loveable dog breed in all over the world. They are also a well mannered and very gentle in nature and also have a good intelligence. They always try to make their owner please and happy. This beautiful dog breed is in 5th position among the top 10 beautiful dog breed.

6) Rottweiler – This beautiful dog breed has been some time becomes aggressive dog breed due to the irresponsible owners. But if they are raised in a loving atmosphere and surrounding, they become extremely gentle giants. This large black and tan dog breed takes the 6th position in the top 10 beautiful dog breed.

7) Boxer – They look like a tall French Bulldogs. This dog breed was bred from English bulldog. Generally, the boxer has tan or brindle in color and they are extremely energetic, playful animal. This loveliest dogs takes the 7th position in the of top 10 beautiful dog breed of the world.

8. Beagle – The beagle is known as the nice domestic dog. Due to its beautiful nature, it can be your best friend, but you have to treat them with love and affection and have to give them utmost attention. This droopy eared hound is very much loyal to their owner. They are extremely energetic and always ready to play with kids the whole day.

9) German Shepard – German Shepards are very much loyal and protective and also as loving as the Husky. The German Shepard is one of the smart looking dog breed and also easily recognizable by its long thick black and tan fur and its tall body size. This dog breed is most commonly utilized as a police dog and not only that they are also a wonderful family pets. They are very much protective around the strangers and also over possessive to their family.

10) Siberian Huskies – The Siberian husky is extremely energetic dog, mainly used as a working dog. The beautiful was originally bred to sleds with icy terrain, they both are known as the energetic and aggressive dog. So that, the husky is extremely high energetic dog. But often they become destructive if they are bored with their surroundings. The thick and lustrous white with black markings makes it most beautiful dog of the world. The other attractive feature of the Husky is their light hypnotically blue eyes.

These all dog breeds are not only beautiful and attractive, but also they are good pet, because they are lovely, energetic protective and playful and also love to play with children.

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