Top 10 Cheapest Dog breeds in The World

Top 10 most cheapest dog breeds in the world in 2017, most popular budget friendly dogs and how to afford them.

Knowing the 10 cheapest dog breeds in 2017 you can bring home: Dogs too have feelings even more than human beings. They converse a lot more emotions than us. A master may live without his dog but a dog cannot live without his master. You need to do a proper care of them. They need proper food, maintenance and medical treatment. If you can do all of these then you too can buy a great dog in a cheap price.

Presenting the list of popular 10 cheapest dog breeds for the year 2017

Every breed of dog has its own characteristics. All of them will have different food and maintenance routine. You can buy a decent quality of breed in a nominal price. Here is the list of cheapest dog breed according to the 2017 survey.

Have a look at the list and get yourself an amazing dog this year:-

1. Plott Hound: This dog breed is from the type of purebred. They are aggressive if disturbed yet courageous. The average life expectancy o this dog is about 12 years as and when compared to the other dogs. The litter size of this dog is 6-10 puppies and they are god with the puppies. The temperament of this type of puppies is alert, courageous, and loyal in their nature towards the owner. The cost of this breed is $ 275.

Plott Hound, The top 10 Cheapest Dogs on The Market

2. Aidi: This type of dog is also of purebred. The temperament of this dog is about docile with lots of energy and in nature protective. The life expectancy of this dog is 11 years. They are very good with dogs. Even they are very alert and know the art of being affectionate to the ones who love them. The price of this dog is $ 300.

3. Black mouth Cur: The price of this breed is $ 325. The type is awesome with courage, loyal and protective with the owner and the belongings around. The average life expectancy of this dog is 13 years. The average height of about 21 inches. They are among the cheapest dog breeds in the year 2017.

4. Black and tan Coonhound: They are among the type of the purebred. The litter size is at least 8 puppies. They are good with kids. The average life expectancy is about 11 years. The temperament is friendly, gentle, and independent by nature. The price of this Black and tan Coonhound is about $350.

5. Pug: The cutest dog in all the dog breeds. This should be ranking in the top owing to its cutting pouting looks and the average expectancy of this dog is about 14 years. They are good with kids and the price of the puppies is $350. By nature, they are very alerting affectionate and cheerful. At times they are very courageous towards the disturbance in the front.

Pug, Top budget friendly dogs and how to afford them

6. Rat Terrier: The type of this dog breed comes from the purebred status. The life expectancy of this dog is out of the real expectations. 19 years of life expectancy makes it stand out from all other dog breeds and rank among the top 10 cheapest dog breeds in the world. The price of the Dog is $350. So you have a better choice with the same price.

7. English setter: The price is about $350 and the life expectancy is 12 years. The litter size is 6 puppies yet they are very good with the kids. The temperament of the dog is intelligent and gentle by nature. They are usually gentle, affectionate and superb with being social.

8. American Hairless terrier: The price of the dog breed is $400 with a life expectancy with 11 years. They are very good friend to the ones who all show loving gesture to them. They do not have hair on their body and are having patches on the entire body.

9. Basset Hound: The price of the dog breed is about $400. The life expectancy is 10 years and at times 1 to 2 years more if they are kept well and lavishly with lots of care. The temperament of this dog breed is as cute as their gentle and affectionate nature.

10. Papillon: Papillon is about $400. They are usually alert and cheerful with friendly and energetic nature. The life expectancy is 14 years and throughout this life span they are really very energetic and cheerful to all around them.

Papillon, 10 most cheapest dog breeds in the world

You can bring any of these category of dogs at your home just remember the nature of the dog and your capability to handle it. When you go to buy a dog, you have to think about your budget and family status as every dog is maintained differently.