Top 10 Biggest Zoo in India

Top 10 biggest zoos in India in 2017: To make the holiday more enjoyable and memorable, most of the people try to visit zoo with their family and children. Visiting a zoo is not only enjoyable, but also it is a great source to gather lots experience about animals. It also allows people to know about animal and bird. And it enable you to get a very close look to some dangerous animal and also you can gather lots of experience about their attitude that we may see on TV or books.

Presenting the list of top 10 biggest zoo of India in 2017

Children are especially interested towards visiting the Zoos in India and different schools arrange for visiting zoos for the students. Here students get the chance to know about different species of animals and birds closely. Take a look at 10 biggest zoos in India through this article.

10. The Lucknow Zoo –

The Lucknow Zoological Garden is situated in the center of the Lucknow city and this is biggest zoo in the country. Some other attractions of the Lucknow Zoological Garden include Toy Train, Vintage train and abundance of wild animal species.

Lucknow Zoo, top 10 biggest zoo in India 2017