Top 10 Biggest Zoo in India

1. Nandan Kanan Zoological park, Bhubaneswar –

This renowned zoo is situated nearby Kanjia Lake and it is the house of more than 1580 animals, 512 birds, 634 mammals and 134 reptiles. Not only that, this gorgeous is a real example of natural beauty where the panoramic lands scape and animals are residing in a same place. This large collection of animal and other creature is a great treat of all visitors who come to this place to visit this great zoo. This zoo is really a national heritage of India.

Nandankanan Zoological park India's biggest zoo 2016

India is a big nation with ample of wild creature including reptiles, mammals, birds and some species of fauna and home to lots of Zoological park which spread all over the country. These zoos are not only popular for their animals, butĀ also renowned for natural beauty.