Top 10 Biggest Zoo in India

Top 10 biggest zoos in India in 2017: To make the holiday more enjoyable and memorable, most of the people try to visit zoo with their family and children. Visiting a zoo is not only enjoyable, but also it is a great source to gather lots experience about animals. It also allows people to know about animal and bird. And it enable you to get a very close look to some dangerous animal and also you can gather lots of experience about their attitude that we may see on TV or books.

Presenting the list of top 10 biggest zoo of India in 2017

Children are especially interested towards visiting the Zoos in India and different schools arrange for visiting zoos for the students. Here students get the chance to know about different species of animals and birds closely. Take a look at 10 biggest zoos in India through this article.

10. The Lucknow Zoo –

The Lucknow Zoological Garden is situated in the center of the Lucknow city and this is biggest zoo in the country. Some other attractions of the Lucknow Zoological Garden include Toy Train, Vintage train and abundance of wild animal species.

Lucknow Zoo, top 10 biggest zoo in India 2017


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  1. Visakhapatnam zoo with 625 acres is “one of the largest in India” while Kancheepuram zoo with 608 acres is “the largest in South East Asia”. What a bs report.

  2. From a zoo where toddlers can take a stroller tour given by a naturalist to one that sought the yearlong counsel of more than a dozen kids in planning a new exhibit, the top 10 winners — all of which have a lovely children’s zoo — are featured here.

  3. Maybe this doesn’t give any accurate information, but I can just guess which is the best zoo and more attractive in looks. So, I think I should watch out for more tourist places in any places to plan my tour.

  4. India gets a huge number of tourists every year. I guess proper infrastructure, cleanliness and amenities are lacking and thus, there is no much scope for tourism when compared to other countries.

    • Initiation should be taken by the governments to improve tourism. It can help to accumulate a huge revenue. But, tourism is not been given any thrust and these zoos are not greatly maintained too.

  5. Thanks for the list. I was searching for one such. Actually my kids are forcing me for a tour. So, I think mysore would be a good option.

  6. Vizag zoo is quite good too. What I feel is that as long as people don’t take an initiative to keep the country clean, we can’t have great zoos like we find in other countries.

  7. Mysore zoo is good. And other places in that city makes it a great travel destination. The zoo is well maintained, spacious and is a home for various exotic animals of other countries and habitation too.

    • Is it? Can I really visit mysore? I don’t know enough about that place. I’ve heard it’s very clean and all. How can I find more info?

  8. Mysore zoo is worth watching. It has varieties of species and the place is also clean. In October, one can witness dasara celebration in mysore and all visit the beautiful city of mysore.

  9. I’ve been to Vizag zoo and it is quite good compared to other zoos in the state. It is spacious and green with some good facilities for the tourists and visitors. Maybe kind of more improvements will be better for the zoo.

  10. India has largest biodiversity. It is rich in species. But the maintenance is not so good. Only few zoos are maintained well as per my notice. People’s cooperation is really important in such cases.

    • India has to improve with regard to cleanliness. I guess it will be great if there is a drastic change in people’s mindset. Zoo should be clean and there can be more tourists if maintained well.

  11. India in over all has a great climate and diversity. It sustains a lot of animals naturally from himalayas to kanyakumari. The vishakpattanam zoo is really big and spacious. It is a great spot for family visit.

    • I visited it a couple of years ago and i didn’t find it clean though.. Maintenance was at its worst in the zoo. I guess new improvements have been brought about now. However the animals, birds were all very good at the zoo. The more space makes it an awesome zoo to visit.

  12. I visited the chamarajendra zoo of mysore. It is very well maintained and the city of mysore is so good. It has various other tourist places and it can be a great destination for holidays with family.

  13. Vishakpattanam zoo has some wide variety of animals including some exotic birds from outside of India. There are many special carnivorous animals which are rare to find in India. The gharial from the Ganges is also in the zoo

    • I’m from Mysore and I think it has a very clean, well maintained zoo. The animals live very well in the space. And the collection of animals is super awesome. The weather is cool and supportive for great environment for the animals.

  14. I love animals and I also have question on people and animals safety in the zoos of india they don’t have the proper equipment to deal with sudden accidents

  15. You should also publish worst zoos of world and india too I think that will be the real lost for some real cause and of real meaning

  16. Never knew that we have such big zoos in india quite amazing these facts are quite new to me and some of the paces I never thought wud be even having zoos

  17. Nice list would love to visit all of the Zoo listed amazing I love animals but some recent incidents put question on the conditions in which animals living in these zoos and security for them I think they can be better and enclosure should be bigger

  18. Jaipur zoo it’s very big recently visited it but I was not satisfied with the condition the animals are living in I think there is room for a lot improvement and authorities should look for that so that animals stay in good health condition

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