Top 10 Biggest Ocean Creatures in The World

List of top 10 biggest sea animal in the world in 2015-2016, BIGGEST Animal EVER Recorded in the Ocean Depths.

Some scary ocean creatures: This really frightens us- There are many ocean creatures. Yes it is true that we don’t know the name of all but we know some of them. Some are very beautiful where on the other hand some are so scary that when you will see them you will feel scared. We know very few of them such as whale, octopus, star fish, sea horse, sea elephant and many. The corals are the most beautiful creature under the ocean. But there are some creatures which are really big and creepy. In this article we will get to know some of those ocean creatures.

List of top 10 largest ocean creatures in 2017

Ocean is beautiful and it attracts many people to visit them to know them and to discover the world beneath the Ocean. The world of Ocean is not only beautiful but also the house of many large creatures of this world. We researched to find the biggest creatures of ocean land.

Below there is the list of top 10 largest ocean creatures. They are:

1. Megalodon- They are one of the largest predators in the marine history. They look very similar to the sharks. They were found before 1.5 million years before. They can reach to the twenty meter long. Thus we can say that they were long like a school bus. Basically they were the bigger size of the white sharks nowadays.

Megalodon, Biggest Ocean Creatures

2. Mosasaurus – This fifty feet creature is one of the largest marine creatures till date. Yes it is true that these creatures are not found these days but they were found million years before. These creatures look very similar to the crocodile. They have very sharp teeth which could easily kill his enemies.

3. Liopleurodon- This marine reptile measures twenty feet long. They were one of the largest creatures in the ocean. They were mostly found in the seas. In Europe they were first seen. They were from the period of Jurassic era and they the top predicators. They used to have long jaws which allow them to have big fishes as their food also. The teeth of these creatures are so sharp that they can have any type marine animal. Their jaws were ten feet long and they can cover a huge distance.

4. Tanystropheus- These animals cannot call marine but they have spend most of their lives under the marine water. They were six meter long. The creature was very dangerous. The main food of them was fish. They used to have small marine fishes. They spend most of their time in the water. They existed before two hundred and fifteen million years ago. But now they are not found.

5. Thalattoarchon Saurophagis- This creature was recently discovered by the archeologists that before 244 million years ago there was a ocean creature whose size was very much similar to the school bus. They were nine meter long. But they were very short lived. The invention of this new species is an adventure to the scientists.

Thalattoarchon Saurophagis, sea creatures information

6. Tylosaurus- This species looks very big and were fifteen meter long. They were mainly diverse eaters but they usually like to have fish. They lived during the late Cretaceous age and they were mainly found in North America. They were at the top of the marine food chain before several millions years ago.

7. Nothosaurus- The thirteen feet long dangerous creature was very famous in the water. They had sharp teeth which can get through the fishes and they use to kill the small fish and eat them in this way. Now these creatures are not found they were mainly available before two hundred million years ago.

8. Thalassomedon- The name of the species is related to the name of the Greek god. They were very big and there length even crosses up to 40 feet. The flippers which they had were two meter long which allows them to swim in an efficient way. The creature sea saw are the modified version of these creatures.

9. Dakosaurus- This creature was first discovered in Germany. It had a odd look reptile look with a fishy body. The creature looks very similar to the animals of Jurassic era. These creatures can grow to the length of 16 feet. It is very unique for its teeth and the scientist have told that they are apex predator during the time he used to rule.

10. Shastasaurus- This marine creature looks similar to the modern dolphin. These ocean creatures can grow to the massive size which before 20 million years ago but now they are found in different sizes and they could grow till sixty feet longer. These creatures mainly eat fish.

Shastasaurus, biggest sea animal in the world

Thus these are the famous largest creatures of ocean. Though they don’t exist nowadays still because of their large size they are still famous.

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