Top 10 Best selling Dog Breeds in The World

List of all time best most popular top 10 Best Selling dog breeds in the world in 2015-2016 .

Enjoy the incredible ownership with the top selling dog breeds of the world: Dogs are best friends for any individuals. They are your faithful friends of all times. Domestic animals are very faithful and dogs among them are the most sensible creature in this world who understands the feeling of a man closely. It guards your home and your near and dear ones. There are various species of dogs which have found their real meaning while at work.

Enhance your search with the following list of best selling dog breeds in 2017

Surprisingly there are about the dog and handful of dogs and their owners who have born wrong perception about DNA breed testing for mixed dogs. As a consequence to this, it is extremely difficult to get along with the dog as it keeps disobeying the orders. It is time to clarify the common myths that widens the gap between your pet and you. Thus, here are lists of top 10 best selling dog breeds on which you can easily trust and make your own choice.
They are follows:

1. Labrador retriever: It is also known as Lab or Labrador retriever, this is so because the several kinds of retrievers are a type of gun dog. These dogs are lively and are perfectly blended towards athletics and is thus the most popular breed of dog which is registered through the ownership in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and of course all over Unites States.

chien Labrador retriever

2. German shepherd: The large ear, large sized working dog was formerly known as the Alsatians or the Alsatians Wolf Dog. These breed of dogs are used in searching evidences of crime through the smelling procedures. The weight standard of the dog is 30-40 kgs, they are supposed to be very intelligent, a domed head and a square cut muzzle with a black nose.

German shepherd, most famous dog breeds

3. Golden Retriever: This particular type of dog breed is superstar. They have performed many important roles in many films irrespective of Hollywood and Bollywood. They are very eagerness to please people around with their awesome pleasant attitude and faithfulness, has rightly termed his breed to be the consistent top performer in the world. Various stage shows for purebred dogs are incomplete without the participation of the German shepherd.

Golden Retriever, Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

4. Beagle: The beagle is the breed that is he member of the hound group. Since Elizabethan times, in literature and in paintings, recently also in movies, comic books beagles have been the most depicted creature in popular culture. The character Snoopy of the comic strip Peanuts has been promoted luckily by the world famous beagle.

Dog on green meadow. Beagle puppy walking

5. Bulldog: A muscular heavy dog with the wrinkled face and a distinctive pushed in nose is the famous Bulldog breed. Bulldogs are the funniest yet the most personality with the regular walks, and also the superb set of artful exercises. The shape of the bulldog is wide, massive with the extra skin.

Bulldog, best selling dog breeds 2015-2016

6. Yorkshire terrier: The small dog breed of the terrier type is the feisty yet a loving companion. The most popular toy dog breed in the U.S is the Yorkie. It has won many accolades and awards which is just enough to prove its fame to the entire world. Although it is small in size but it has a big personality.

Yorkshire terrier, top 10 dog breeds

7. Boxer: This is a breed with medium sized, short hairy dogs that are mainly developed in Germany. The smooth and softy coat in them mixes with different colours and therefore they are brindled and at times fawned without much mess.

Boxer, The varieties of dog breeds in the world

8. Poodle: This dog breed is from the family of formal breed of dogs which is being registered recognizing the abandoned poodle with hair. It is white in color demonstrating the vulnerability of the dog owners. Thus, it is lucky for the one who owns it for their future.

Poodle, Best Selling Pets Dogs Breeds

9. Rottweiler: This is the dog breed that is perfectly the right size of the dog to walk along with. This dog breed participates in many competitions. This dog breed was originally bred to drag the cattle to the market. These dogs love to show off in front of their owners and therefore their owners get pleased.

Rottweiler, highest selling dog breeds

10. Daschund: These dog breed has the most auspicious numbers of dogs as well as their puppies for sale. They are very smart and are at times short haired, wirehaired and also found in longhaired. They are available in wide variety- white boar, tan, white and many such reflective colours.

Daschund, famous dog breeds 2015-2016

List of the top 10 Best Selling dog breeds in History, Tops in the List of Best-Selling dog breeds .

The varieties of dog breeds are one of the most important things that are significant to the dog lovers and the owners too. Keeping a dog is a wonderful process of security and a perfect one stop solution to your loneliness. Various patterns and the tricolours are also preferable with the dog breeds.

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