Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants In The World in 2016-2017. In the age of franchised restaurants and fast food takeaways, finding a luxury restaurant that offers a sublime eating experience can be hard to find. However, luxury restaurants from around the world continue to exist, with many winning numerous awards, Michelin stars, and worldwide recognition.From contemporary to traditional Al Carte menus, there is nothing like stepping foot into a luxury restaurant, and a makes for a prefect evening out. Below are ten such restaurants which stand out from other high end eating establishments, and continue to be innovative and quirky in the food they offer and the cutting edge dining experience that they provide.

List of Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants In The World in 2016-2017.

10- The Clove Club, London, England

the clove club london england, Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants In The World 2017

$65- 95 per person

Located in the trendy area of London, Shoreditch, The Cove Club is a well respected luxury restaurant, that serves what they like to call an ‘ambitious five course menu’. Food served at The Cove Club, ranges from traditional British cuisine to Italian style dishes, like their well renowned Roast Cornish Pollock with carrots and seaweed butter, which can be bought at the luxury price of £65. If you think you can eat more, you can also opt in for their extended menu, which serves a wide range of fancy desserts and appetizers. Although the food served at The Cove Club serves primarily seafood dishes, there are also vegetarian dishes available including Parsley Root Croustillant, Chestnuts & Cavolo Nero, or the Amalfi Lemonade & Sarawak Pepper Ice Cream. This is certainly worth a visit if you want to eat from an innovative menu and experience first class service, from what past customers have described as ‘perfect in every way’.

9- Den, Tokyo, Japan

den tokyo japan, most popular Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants In The World 2018

$148.68 per person

Owner Zaiyu Hasegawa explains that the concept of his award-winning restaurant, Den, was brought about by wanting to create homemade dishes that would bring smiles to others. This home cooked theme is certainly a pinnacle part of the restaurant, with options to eat out of sight from other customers in their private rooms, for an additional 4,000 yen. Food served at Den varies, but you can expect to be served Japanese food favorites, such as monaga, or even Kabu turnip, shiro miso, soy milk cream and yuzu! However, due to the restaurant being highly sought out from tourists and locals alike, reservations need to be made at least two months in advance in order to get yourself a seat.

8 – Estela, New York, USA

estela new york usa, Top 10 best and Most Luxurious Restaurants In The World 2019

$31- 60 per person

Founded by Thomas Carter and Ignacio Mattos in 2013, Estella is located at the old Knitting Factory Music Venue, and prides itself in offering medittaranen style cuisine, with an added New York twist. Whether you want a quick brunch or a low key dinner, Estella offers a wide array of eating options, including beef tartare with sun choke and Mussels escabeche on toast. Estella is also unique in that it offers gift cards, which makes for a perfect gift for any food lover. The luxury experience doesn’t stop there, with there being an extensive wine list that has beverages sourced from all over the globe. However, reservations need to be made quick, with the restaurant having a 30 day advanced booking policy.

7- Piazza Duomo, Alba, Italy

piazza duomo alba italy, Top 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants In The World 2016-2017

$200-240 per person

With three Michelin stars, and over thirty seven awards to date Piazza Duomo is one of the finest restaurants that Italy has to offer. Set in the contemporary city of Alba, Piazza Duomo boasts a personalized eating experience for each of their customers, citing that they aim for their restaurant to be more than just a restraint with eleven tables, but instead eleven different restaurants. Food can be picked from either their A La Carte menu or Degustation menu, with the choice of a wide array of traditional Italian cuisine, including rabbit kidneys served in Bearnaise sauce and pink risotto. If you have a sweet tooth, you may also enjoy their lavish dessert menu, which includes chocolate bonnet and sorrel sorbet. But Piazza Duomo isn’t just a restaurant, it also has its very own in house accommodation, which is perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy a short break, as well as their own wine cellar, curated by owner Enrico himself.

6- Attica, Melbourne, Australia

attica melbourne australia, Top 10 Most expensive Luxurious Restaurants In The World 2017-2018

$75-$250 per person

Attica, located in the city of Melbourne, is highly regarded as one of the best restaurants in the country. With noir decor, the restraint sets the tone for a relaxing low key evening, offering an extended menu for most evenings, as well as a wide range of alternative eating options if you’re vegetarian. While at Attica, you can expect to be served unique cuisine such as their famous salted red kangaroo, and their Vegemite pies. There is also an extensive amount of wines to choose from to accompany your meal, all sourced from the finest wine companies in the world. Private rooms are also available, which can seat up to twelve people and can be booked from between $4,000- $2,800.

5 – White Rabbit, Moscow, Russia


$60 per person

Led by head chef Vladimir Mukhin, White Rabbit is a highly prestigious ,restaurant having been named the one of the best restaurants back in 2015. The restaurants serves a wide array of European dishes, with the option of cold and hot appetizers. From deer fillets served with a side of pickled cow berries and dandelion sauce, to fresh onion soup, White Rabbit critics have praised the eatery for its innovative dishes that offers customers the opportunity to experience traditional Russian food with an international twist. White Rabbit also has a serene bar on site, offering a wide array of cocktails and wine for all tastes and preferences. This restaurant is also unique in that offers a luxury experience for a more affordable price, with some starters costing a small price $16.

4- Septime, Paris, France


$65 per person

Known for its no thrill experience, and hailed as a ‘modern neo bistro’, Septime is a go to place for anyone looking to eat in a contemporary setting. The restaurant serves traditional French food from their four course A la Carte menu, which includes the Poulette du Patis, courge, maïs and the Poire-coing, verveine, crumble. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner, and offers a variety of drinks including a simplistic cup of coffee to luxurious glass of champagne. Septime is highly regarded among customers who have praised the eatery for its ‘sensational ultra gourmet meals’ and for offering a ‘true’ culinary experience.

3 – Geranium, Copenhagen, Denmark


$141-171 per person

Located admist the beautiful scenery and nature that Cophahgen has to offer, Geranium is a luxury restaurant that aims to offer a dynamic eating experience. Like many of the luxury restaurants, their menu is seasonal, but offers a wine menu which comprises over 180 different beverages from around the globe. Gernanium can also be used for a wide array of events including anniversaries and special occasions. All reservations are first come first serve and need to be booked in advance online.

2- El Celler De Can Roca, Girona, Spain


$77 per person

Founded by the Roca brothers in Can Roca, El Celler De Can Roca is an avant grande restaurant that boasts a relaxing eating experience and freestyle cooking from their chefs. The restaurant offers a 14 course menu, and has been described by many past customers to be one of their favorite dining experiences. Other customers have also praised El Cellar De Can Roca for its first class customer service, with one of the Roca brothers even going over to their table to welcome them!

1 – Eleven Madison Park, New York, USA


$295 per person

Located in the heart of New York City, Eleven Madison Park is a contemporary restaurant that is extremely popular among locals and visitors to the city. The restaurant menu is always evolving, with each menu being seasonal, and all ingredients used in dishes being sourced locally. From Chardonnay to rose, the wine menu is huge, and accommodates to all tastes alike. And what’s more, if you enjoyed your meal that much, you can even purchase one of their in house cookbooks, which gives you the run down on how to make your favorite Eleven Madison Park Dishes in the comfort of your own home!

So what are you waiting for? Now you’ve seen the amazing luxury restaurants from around the world, you can definately go check them out, safe in the knowing that all your eating needs will be met!

Top 10 Most Amazing Roads in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Amazing Roads in The World in 2016-2017. Driving the world’s most amazing roads at top speeds are perfect for maniac drivers who love the dangerous curves, twists, and turns. Some of the world’s most amazing roads have been there for more than sixty years or even more. Some of these roads offer drivers breathtaking panoramic and stunning views. Drivers can experience the most exciting downhill roads, uphill climbs, narrow twists, runs parallel to mountains, cliffs, sea, very steep inclines, and more. These top 10 most amazing roads in the world offer the most exhilarating drives that remain unforgettable.

Some of these amazing roads displaying beautiful natural scenery surrounding them have been death traps for many daredevil drivers, and some have been a true inspiration to tourists, photographers, writers, journalists, musicians, poets, and others. Whether you are a driver or a passenger traveling these roads that hold the most amazing titles in the world, they are certainly an experience you will share for generations.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Roads in The World 2016-2017

10. Col de Turini-

col de turini, Top 10 Most Amazing Roads in The World 2016-2017

This road has been discovered in France and it is a high mountain pass in the Alps. Drivers taking this most amazing road will experience many hairpin turns. This road is no longer open to drivers during the night. Drivers did drive the road at night until just a few years ago. Maybe because of the lives claimed by the road it has been closed to night driving.

9. Stelvio Pass-

stelvio pass, Top 10 Most Beautiful, Amazing Roads in The World 2018

This most amazing road can be found in Italy running from the Eastern Italian Alps and connecting to the the upper Adige valley. In the Italian Alps, the amazing road is known as the second highest paved road. A few points have extremely narrow points with dangerously steep inclines. To some, it is also one of the most challenging roads in the world for driving as it’s scenery is absolutely spectacular distracting driver’s attention. So breathtakingly beautiful, when caught off guard staring into nature’s majestic scenes, it becomes deadly.

8. HWY 163-

hwy 163, Top 10 Most Dangerous, Amazing Roads in The World 2019

This highway can be found in the United States running thirteen miles north of the Arizona-Utah State line. This road leads to Monument Valley as it display the most beautiful natural scenery and remains today one of the most photographic areas on the planet. Drivers love this road and call it Ferrari country. It has attracted the attention of professional and amateur photographers, poets, musicians, and others.

7. The Overseas Highway-

the overseas highway, Top 10 Most Amazing Roads in The World 2017

This amazing beautiful road is found in the United States and it is a hundred and thirty miles long with seven mile bridge one of the longest bridges in the world. The highway leads to the Florida Keys crossing the ocean and it takes about 4 hours to travel this amazing road during tourist season. This is where the most beautiful and inspiring sunsets and sunrises in the nation can be seen from this road. When touring season arrives during the summer season in Florida, drivers may find themselves idle for quite sometime as traffic is heavy and slow.

6. Atlantic Road-

atlantic road, Top 10 Best and Most Amazing Roads in The World 2018

The Atlantic Road can be found in Norway as it runs along the Western coastline in the Western Fjords. The drive on this amazing road offers panoramic views of the islands, whales, and seals. It is five miles long with many rises and falls and when stormy weather occurs it sends huge waves over the road making driving perilous. It better for drivers to pay attention to forecasts if known they have to travel this road. So amazingly beautiful, but dangerous at times.

5. Oberalp Pass-


This road is located in Switzerland and is only open during the summer season. During the winter months the road is closed because of snow making it impassable. The road is found in high in he Swiss Alps connecting to a resort town called Aldermatt. The world’s tallest lighthouse was built on this road in 2010 attracting tourists to the Disentis-Sedrun area. Zurich is about a three hour rive away.

4. Guoliang Tunnel Road-


This road can be found in China and it certainly is one of he most amazingly dangerous roads in the world because people say it never tolerates any mistakes by drivers. It is located high up in the Taihang Mountains of eastern China being only twelve feet wide. This most amazing and dangerous road opened in 1977. The road has 3/4-mile-long tunnel with windows displaying majestic views of the cliff and valley below. This tunnel road was built by the local villagers so they could be connected to the outside world. Thousands of tourists are attracted to traveling this road each year.

3. Los Caracoles Pass-


This amazing road can be found running through Andes Mountains, Chile/Argentina. Drivers take the challenge of driving uphill with many winding turns. There is a step terrain that forces drivers to slowly inch up the slope. This steep road does not have guardrails and it is closed most of the year because of the snow. It can be found open only a short time during the summer season.

2. Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road-


This is one of the world’s greatest driving roads being found winding its way through the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The road runs along the edge of the city of Al Ain. This road leads to he top of the mountain where there is a palace for only the country’s ruling sheikhs. It can be a real challenge to the top because the road has a steep 8 percent incline. This road is a popular running and cycling race track that takes place annually.

1. Red Rock Scenic Byway-


This road is located in the United States in the state of Arizona. It runs from from Sedona leading to the Colorado Plateau. The beauty that surrounds this road is amazing and it includes iron-infused red rocks and topography including natural ridges, deep and majestic canyons and hoodoos. Hikers and bikers can be seen seen along the route experiencing a great adventure. There are many landmarks, rock formations, and plant life along the way. Bike rental services are available at many points along the road. It leads thousands of tourists to the Grand Canyon each year.

If you are planning an adventure or vacation, then exploring one or a few of these top 10 amazing roads in the world will certainly leave you awestruck. Don’t forget to bring a friend along with you on your trip to take photos of the beautiful scenery nature has to offer along the way.